We know that keeping your family safe is always your first priority. It's terrible to imagine a stranger with unknown motives walking around your property. But it's even more frustrating if you can't do anything about it after the fact.

An outdoor security camera system is not only preventative but also gives you the intel to better secure your home after an incident. 

But how can you find the best outdoor security camera system? The market is saturated with products.

Keep reading, and we'll go through all of the reasons why ADT's home security system is not only one of the best but also one of the safest and smartest choices.


What Should I Know About Outdoor Security Cameras?


We all know that the safety of your family is miles more important than any physical property. That's why an outdoor security camera system, not a surveillance system, is the right choice for homeowners.

Let's start with the basics - how many cameras do you need, and where should they go? This depends on the size and shape of your property. 

The cameras' view should, at minimum, cover all of your property line, any entrance or exit points to the property, and all the doors and windows on the first floor. If there's an entrance on another floor, such as a balcony door, that should be covered as well.

Blind spots should be minimized to avoid setting up a hiding place for anyone with nefarious intent. With all of this to keep in mind, it can be a tricky puzzle to map out the location of your cameras. Fortunately, there are options such as professional installation available.

When searching for a security camera system, keep an eye out for installation fees. Some companies will offer installation for free as part of a package.



Should I Choose Wireless or Wired Security Cameras?


Another consideration to make when buying is how to position and hide your cameras around your property. 

Sure, you can tuck a small hidden camera away in a tree or a birdhouse pretty easily, and the camera will remain hidden from view. However, if you choose a wired camera, it will be obvious what's going on at first glance. 

Some experts say you should consider making at least a few of the cameras visible, but that can cause its own problems.

A would-be robber could conclude that because you have cameras, you must have plenty of valuables worth taking. And because the cameras are visible, he may feel more emboldened to break-in in a place away from the visible cameras. 

That's why wireless security cameras are the best choice. Not only do you not have to worry about keeping them plugged in, but you are free to hide them wherever is most convenient.

This could be almost anywhere - in bushes or plants, in a fixture or piece of art, or under external fixtures like gutters. 

With careful and constant monitoring, wireless cameras avoid the pitfalls that come with wired or visible cameras, while still empowering you to help preventatively protect your home.


Do You Have to Put Up Signs if You Have Security Cameras?


This varies by state to state, but the short answer is that if the cameras are located on your property, and are only looking at your property (and the immediate surrounding area), then you generally do not need to have signage disclosing that you have cameras.

There are no federal laws about this, so it is not prohibited on a federal level. Some states require explicit signage in areas where a person may have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as a bathroom.  

To be completely safe, you should look up the laws in your state before installing outdoor security cameras. However, the law is generally on your side here.


Are Outdoor Security Cameras Effective?


Did you know that the FBI reported there were over 1.2 million burglaries in the US in 2018? All of those break-ins resulted in an estimated $3.4 billion property loss.

Fortunately, the FBI also found that yes, outdoor security cameras lessen crime

In one study, 60% of criminals surveyed said that if they found out home had a security system, they would try to choose another target to burglarize.

Because these criminals' preferred methods of entry typically involved breaking a window or door, it makes sense that security cameras were a big deterrent.

That's why even if you keep your cameras hidden, window, door, and lawn signage stating you have a home security system can be incredibly effective. A potential burglar will know that you have cameras, but they won't know where they are or how to avoid being captured on them.   




What Features Should I Look for in an Outdoor Security Camera?


If you were offered the options of a regular camera or a smart camera, which would you pick? The smart camera, of course.

Technology has moved beyond a security camera that merely observes and records. Motion detection is one feature of modern smart security cameras that a savvy consumer should definitely seek out.

Cameras that detect motion save you time and energy by only recording when something happens. You won't be fast-forwarding through hours of continuous video recordings of your empty, safe yard. 

However, the ability to view the cameras' live streams is also valuable, and something many smart cameras now offer. 

Through ADT's Smart Home Control phone app, for example, you can check in on any of your outdoor cameras or smart home devices at any time. 

If you're at work and need reassurance that all is well, or if you think you hear a noise in the night, checking out the perimeter is as simple as unlocking your phone.

ADT's security cameras can even distinguish between people, animals, and objects such as cars. Your security settings are endlessly customizable. A person who owns several dogs may want to disable notifications for detecting animals. But a person with a raccoon problem may want to enable these alerts.

Similarly, if you are on vacation or aren't expecting visitors, you can enable alerts for cars pulling into your driveway. 

Ultimately, the most important feature to look for in an outdoor security system is that it fits into your life. It should be able to respond and adapt to you and your family's unique needs. 



What Is the Best Outdoor Security Camera System to Buy?


There are a few reasons why ADT's security system is the best outdoor security camera system for homeowners.

First is our superior quality. Images and video are captured in 1080p to ensure that any and all footage is usable. Imagine how devastated you'd feel if you managed to capture a burglar on video, only to have it be too blurry to see his face. 

ADT's outdoor cameras are small and wireless. They are designed to be easily hidden. 

As mentioned above, the ADP Smart Home Control app allows you to monitor your home right from your phone. There is a menu of customizable notification options so that you'll only be alerted to an issue if you need to be.

ADT is also unique in that you can not only hear through the cameras but speak back. Via the ADT mobile app, you can open a communication channel through one of your cameras. A well-placed yell would certainly scare off some potential intruders. 

Two-way communication can also be used in lieu of smart video doorbells. Place a camera by your front door, and you'll get an alert whenever somebody knocks. Even if you aren't home, you can speak to them through your phone. You'll never miss a package delivery again.

Finally, ADT offers 24/7 professional monitoring. We'll raise the alarm immediately upon seeing anything that shouldn't be there. You'll never be caught off guard.

Not only do our professionals notify the authorities, but we'll also contact you right away to let you know what's going on.

You'll never be alone in trying to keep your home and family safe, and you can rest easy even when you can't monitor the camera feed yourself. 


Let ADT Help Protect Your Home and Family


ADT has over 100 years of experience keeping homes and families safe. Nothing can beat the wisdom that this much experience brings.

We've evolved with the times to craft high-quality products that truly work to help protect you. And they also work with you - everything we do is meant to make it as easy as possible for you to safeguard and monitor your home.

ADT truly has the best outdoor security camera system on the market. Reach out today and get a free quote to learn how we can help you and your family.


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