Most seniors relish the idea of living independently for as long as they can. After so many years, they’ve earned it. But living on their own also requires extra precautions to maintain health and ensure safety – and for family members not to worry constantly.

For the whole family, having a senior safety alarm provides peace of mind and also a viable alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It gives seniors living independently the benefit and comfort of having security and safety every day – and help just a button away.

Maintain an Independent Lifestyle

Living independently is just easier with senior safety alarms. It’s also safer, of course. It starts with a waterproof, portable emergency device that you can wear around your wrist or neck, or clip onto your clothing. With the push of a button it triggers an alarm at an ADT monitoring center, where a trained professional will contact you and determine if you’re having an emergency and send help if needed. Wear the device in bed, in the bathtub or when working in the yard. It’ll give you and your family the comfort of knowing that even if you’re living on your own, you’re never alone.

Get Help When You Need It

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three adults over the age of 65 experiences a fall each year. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a medical alarm system is that if you experience a health emergency, you’ll be able to signal for help even if you can’t reach a phone or even speak. You can also use it if you notice suspicious activity in or around your house, giving you added home security and peace of mind.

Gain More Security with Life Safety Sensors

Senior safety alarm systems do more than help in medical emergencies. They also include environmental sensors that alert you in case of fire or high carbon monoxide levels. Not only will you hear the alarm go off, but monitoring professionals at ADT will receive an alert, too. If you don’t respond, we will and send help.

Give Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a monitored senior safety alarm from ADT can help put your family at ease while you live on your own. You also have the option of giving family members access to your security system, and they can also receive text or email alerts in such instances as your front door opening or other events, so they’ll know you’re up and about.

Make It Part of a Comprehensive Security and Safety Solution

A medical alarm system provides the reassurance of knowing someone is there for you or your loved ones 24/7. But an ADT security system offers even greater peace of mind by helping to detect and deter break-ins – something that’s especially important for households with move vulnerable residents. The basic system includes a keypad linked to door, window and motion sensors, all monitored 24/7 by ADT. The system offers the option to add security cameras to expand its capabilities and provide an additional break-in deterrent.

Senior Safety Made Simple

There are so many benefits to having a medical alarm system. And even more when it’s paired with an ADT security system. Our easy-to-use, reliable systems take a lot of the worry out of day-to-day living for seniors and the people who care about and for them. Call ADT at [PHONE] to learn more about ADT medical alarm systems.

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