You’ve moved into a new and unfamiliar home and want to make sure it’s safe and secure to make it really feel like home. Even though you’ve chosen a good neighborhood, it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions around the house. That’s why we’re sharing 10 simple ways to help secure your new home.

1. Know your neighbors

Get to know your neighbors. Not only will they become great friends, but they can help watch your home when you’re away. Once you feel comfortable, give them your spare key to hold onto.

Spare keys equal easy access into a home so don't hide one outside in an easy-to-find hideaway. Your spare key isn’t out in the open for burglars to find when you have neighborhood friends to keep them safe.

2. Defend your doors

Deadbolt your front door, your back door and each in between. Invest in smart locks for ease and convenience because keys are a thing of the past. This extra layer protects you further from intruders.

Remember to protect your sliding doors from easy break-ins and place sliding door locks for extra protection.

3. Window watch

Windows are common break-in areas, so try adding extra lines of defense against intruders. Invest in a glass break sensor, a handy gadget that detects a break-in as it happens.

The sensor submits real-time alerts if triggered and covers a wide detection range in your home.

4. Secure and survey

Add cameras to your home security system for extra protection, allowing you to visually safeguard your home.

Choose a security camera to cover any indoor or outdoor area. Add a doorbell camera to your list to check on your front door from virtually anywhere. Now that’s protection with ease.

5. Accessible automation

Invest in home automation products like smart lights, locks and thermostats to secure your home from your phone. Forget to lock your door? Open your mobile app and lock it instantly. These features make your life easier and more accessible from any location.

6. Wi-Fi wins

When connecting to a wireless network, your information becomes vulnerable to attack. Everyday you use a phone or home computer connected to your Wi-Fi, and you save passwords and other important information to those devices.

Hackers can easily capture your information from an unprotected device, so create strong passwords and invest in firewall and antivirus protection to guard against a cyber attack. Purchase identity theft protection to digitally monitor your information and detect foul play.

7. Safe and sound

Buy yourself a safe and place any and all valuables in it. Store important documents such as your social security card or passport, or stash important jewelry like your grandmother’s necklace. It’s up to you.

Safes come in all shapes and sizes. Research and find one that fits your needs. Keep in mind, the heavier the safe, the harder it is for burglars to run off with it.

8. Exterior lighting system

Burglars often strike at night when the world is dark,leaving them undetected. Stay one step ahead and install an exterior lighting system.

Consider a motion sensored lighting system that detects any slight movement so you instantly see your yard and keep intruders at bay.

9. Guard your garage

If you own a garage, you understand it stores many valuable possessions and it’s an instant target for attack.

Keep your garage door code to yourself or tell it to a few trusting individuals. If you have a garage door opener in your car, hide it from plain sight.

10. Landscaping upkeep

Landscape your yard for optimal view of your surroundings. Trim shrubs to remove hiding places for lurking thieves. Overgrown bushes could help conceal potential burglars from view and allow them to wait until the right time to strike.

Congratulations! Now that you've followed our simple home security tips, you'll feel more safe and secure. Sit back and relax in the privacy of your brand new home.

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