Q&A with Paul Wiseman and Amy Zitkovic

As the world prepares itself for CES 2020 and all of the exciting announcements to come, we wanted to take a minute to look at what ADT is bringing to the table this year. We sat down with Amy Zitkovic, our Manager of Corporate Events and Tradeshows, and Paul Wiseman, our Director of Communications, to answer some questions surrounding the event:

Q: What are you most excited about concerning CES 2020?

PW: This year is going to be our biggest presence at CES to date, and we’re really thrilled to be in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center among other leading consumer tech brands.

Q: What will be the main area of focus for ADT this year?

PW: Everything that we’re going to showcase this year is part of our human protection platform that provides ubiquitous security to help protect and connect people with the things that they love most. Home security is a component of this, but we want to ensure that we’re able to provide security to our customers beyond their front door. We offer lifestyle-driven security solutions to provide more of our customers with peace of mind, no matter where they are in their life stage or dwelling situation. 

The booth is going to be segmented into three distinct areas. The first is Professional Residential, the second is DIY home security, and the third is Mobile security. Each of those areas represents comprises an important pillar of our human protection platform. People will look to us and see that we’re not just home security; we’re so much more than that.

Q: Is there anything particular at the booth that we should be on the lookout for?

AZ: Where to start? 

Our ADT Command and Control system has evolved to link all of our smart home devices and create these scenes that are completely customizable. You can dim the lights (and change the color of the light), turn on music, lock the doors, and lower the blinds all from the ADT Control app on your phone. 

We’ll have an area dedicated to our mobile security platform using our partnership with Lyft as an example.

Our family smart kitchen will be fully equipped with ADT products, and we’ll be making apple crisp desserts from scratch in our booth for anyone who comes by.

Another fun thing that we’re doing is a trust fall area. Visitors can do a trust fall into a foam pit, all the while being filmed so you can share the experience instantaneously to the social media platform of your choice (#RealProtection).

Finally, as a special treat, Laurie Shannon, the Icing Artist herself will be joining us to show how our products integrate seamlessly into a working kitchen.

CES 2020 will be in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 7th-January 10th of 2020. For updates about our experience at CES, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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