Are you a Downeaster? How about a Cheesehead? Maybe you're a Toner or an Okie or a Pennamite? 

If you're moving from one state to another, you might be on the verge of a major shift in identity and not even realize it! Each state has a unique nickname for its residents, and some of them are a bit more eclectic than others! Before you make the big move, it's a good idea to brush up on the nicknames that each state uses to refer to the locals from coast to coast.

We've created this simple guide to answer the question "What are people from each state called?" Some nicknames are simple, some are silly, but all will help you feel more at home when you settle in. 

What is the nickname for all 50 states? Keep reading to find out!


What Are People From Each State Called?


All of the names for states are below, with state names in alphabetical order. We have included the most popular nicknames for residents of those states, plus brief explanations of our favorites!  

Alabama (AL)

The residents of the great cotton state of Alabama are either Alabamians, Blazers, Bammers, or Barners. Don't just pick your favorite from the list, however! Each nickname denotes support for one of Alabama's University football teams, so you'll want to decide who you're rooting for first!

Alaska (AK)

The residents of Alaska have been Alaskans since the territory became a state in 1959. The natives who lived there before that prefer to go by "Alaskan Native" or may use the names of their indigenous tribe. 

Arizona (AZ)

The residents of The Grand Canyon state simply call themselves Arizonans. It's no wonder that this resident nickname lacks creativity! This state didn't even have an official state nickname until 2011! 

Arkansas (AR)

Officially, residents of Arkansas are Arkansans, but many residents prefer to call themselves Arkansawyers. This is because there is still some debate over the true spelling of the indigenous tribe that lent the state its name. Some residents feel that "Arkansawyers" is more accurate - and easier to pronounce phonetically, too!

California (CA)

All residents of California are Californians, but the golden state is one of the largest in the country! Many residents use other nicknames based on the region of the state that they occupy. You might be a Californian, but you can also be an Angelino, a Beverly Hiller, or a Livermoron! 

Colorado (CO)

Those who live in Colorado are officially Coloradans. There doesn't seem to be any particular reason other than clarity!

Connecticut (CT)

If you're from Connecticut, you're a Connecticuter - but good luck spelling that right on the first try! Their other nickname, Nutmeggers, is a lot easier to spell! This is due to the state's sordid history selling "counterfeit" nutmeg, back when the spice was in high demand!

Delaware (DE)

Residents of our country's first state are proud Delawareans! They have been Delawareans since the very beginning, and that's enough to be proud of!

Florida (FL)

The sunshine state is home to a population of Floridians. While this peninsular state has plenty of residents, it's best known for its tourist population. 

Georgia (GA)

If you are moving to Georgia, you are about to become a proud Georgian! This name comes from King George II of England. 

Hawaii (HI)

In Hawaii, what you're called depends on where you come from. If you're just moving to the state and don't have Hawaiian ancestry, you're a Hawaii Resident or a local. If you have Hawaiian blood in your veins, you can claim the nickname Kama’aina or Hawaiian.

Idaho (ID)

If you're on your way to becoming an Idahoan, you're not alone! Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the nation, so you probably won't be the only newcomer in town! 

Illinois (IL)

If you live in Illinois, you are officially an Illinoisan. Odds are also good that you live in Chicago, home to about a sixth of the state's population! If that's the case, you can also call yourself a Chicagoan. 

Indiana (IN)

Locals lovingly call Indiana the Hoosier state, so it makes sense that they would call themselves Hoosiers! While we'd love to tell you what that means, it's part of the nickname's charm. Nobody is sure! 

Iowa (IA)

The name Iowa comes from the native Ioway tribe, and does the title "Iowans." They are also sometimes called Hawkeyes!

Kansas (KS)

Dorothy Gale of 'Wizard of Oz' fame is probably the most famous Kansan. In fact, that film is the thing that put Kansans on the map! 

Kentucky (KY)

A resident of Kentucky is a Kentuckian. This state got its name from the native word for "prairie," which makes sense, given the landscape!

Louisiana (LA)

As a whole, residents of Louisiana are Louisianians. You might run into neighbors who call themselves Cajuns or Creoles, too! 

Maine (ME)

Mainers are residents who make the state of Maine their home. The nickname Vacationland has graced the back of licence plates in the state since 1936, promoting the state as an excellent summer destination for an effort to boost tourism.was most likely named for the province of Maine in France.

Maryland (MD)

If you're packing up to move to Maryland, you're about to become a Marylander. Maryland was named for Queen Henrietta Maria, and now residents share her name, too!

Massachusetts (MA)

The average resident of Massachusetts will refer to themselves as a Bay Stater. Officially, however, they are Massachusetts. 

Michigan (MI)

In Michigan, the locals will call themselves Michiganders. This has only been the case since 2017, however. Before that, they were officially Michiganians... which doesn't quite roll off the tongue. 

Minnesota (MN)

Those who make a home in Minnesota are Minnesotans. It's named for the Minnesota River, and translates to "Sky Tinted Water." 

Mississippi (MS)

The magnolia state is home to Mississippians. The state gets its name from the Ojibwa word for "big river." 

Missouri (MO)

Anyone who lives in Missouri is a Missourian. Missouri is another state named for a local native tribe. 

Montana (MT)

There might be more animals in the state of Montana than there are people! The people who do live there call themselves Montanans! 

Nebraska (NE)

They take their sports seriously in Nebraska, which is why the locals call themselves Cornhuskers. Those who don't care much for football might prefer the official nickname for residents, Nebraskans. 

Nevada (NV)

Nevada may be home to Sin City, but that doesn't make the residents "sinners." Instead, they go by a kinder name: Nevadans. 

New Hampshire (NH)

Are you about to become a New Hampshirite? That's the preferred name for residents of the granite state. 

New Jersey (NJ)

The garden state is blooming with New Jerseyans! It's named for the island of Jersey in England. 

New Mexico (NM)

Residents of New Mexico are New Mexicans, just as residents of Mexico are Mexicans. Some locals call themselves Hispanos, however. These are specifically the descendants of the earliest settlers, who came from Spain. 

New York (NY)

New Yorkers tend to be straight and to the point. It makes sense that their nickname for residents would be, too! 

North Carolina (NC)

Those who live in North Carolina are proud North Carolinians. The name is a variation on Charles, after Charles IX of France. 

North Dakota (ND)

North Dakota is the honey capital of the United States. While some of the winged residents are bees, the human ones are North Dakotans! 

Ohio (OH)

Individuals from Ohio proudly call themselves Buckeyes after the nut of the Buckeye tree. Officially, however, they are simply Ohioans. 

Oklahoma (OK)

Those in Oklahoma are Oklahomans. This is also a great way to refer to those who perform in the broadway musical named for this state! 

Oregon (OR)

You'll want to brush up on your pronunciation before you become an Oregonian. Locals pronounce the final syllable like "gin," with a hard g. 

Pennsylvania (PA)

If you live in Pennsylvania, you might be a Pennamite or a Pennsylvanian. William Penn inspired this state's name. Pennsylvania means "Penn's Woods." 

Rhode Island (RI)

The full name of Rhode Island is actually "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations." Those who occupy the smallest state in the country are called Rhode Islanders. 

South Carolina (SC)

Unsurprisingly, residents of South Carolina are simply South Carolinians. The name has the same origin as North Carolina. 

South Dakota (SD)

Those in South Dakota are South Dakotans. If you're in this state, don't forget to check out Mount Rushmore! Humorously, these are the only presidents "from" South Dakota to date!

Tennessee (TN)

The residents of Tennessee call themselves Tennesseans. Once you pick up on the local rodeo culture, however, you might want to call them cowboys!

Texas (TX)

Those in Texas as Texan, and there are a lot of them! Texas is currently the second most populated state. 

Utah (UT)

The residents of Utah fought hard to get the official nickname for residents: Utahns. Many years ago they went by "Utahans," but most found that too hard to pronounce and spell!

Vermont (VT)

Vermont natives are Vermonters, but they might give you another name if you're moving from out of state. Those who move to Vermont from elsewhere are dubbed "flatlanders." 

Virginia (VA)

The first Virginians took up residence in the state way back in 1607. The state borrowed its name from the virgin queen, Queen Elizabeth I. 

Washington (WA)

When you live in Washington, you are a Washingtonian! This may be confusing. Those who live in the District of Columbia also prefer this nickname!

West Virginia (WV)

West Virginians make their home in beautiful Appalachia. West Virginia became a state unique from Virginia during the Civil War.

Wisconsin (WI)

If you live in Wisconsin, you're a Cheesehead! That's not an insult, that's the proud name for residents of this state! Officially, however, they are Wisconsinites.

Wyoming (WY)

The odds of meeting a Wyomingite are small. Wyoming is the least populated state in the country. If you move there, you'll be one of a rare breed!


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