Meet the Moffitts

We asked people why they wanted to win a $250,000 home makeover complete with an ADT smart home system. After hearing so many heartwarming stories and receiving over 11,500 submissions, we tapped in the Scott Brothers and the Moffitt family was picked as our Pass the Protection winners.

From evacuating their California home due to an earthquake to their special needs children who require 24/7 protective supervision, the Moffitts have a very special story and we were honored to be able to help. For more on the Moffitt family’s submission and background, see the official announcement following their Pass the Protection win.

The Grand Reveal

We are thrilled to help the Moffitt family create their dream home. At the beginning of the project, the Scott Brothers asked the family what they needed from their home. The main ask was a dedicated therapy room for their children, as they previously used their busy living room. The Scott Brothers were able to refresh the exterior of the house, open their living space, and add more storage for the family of eight.

ADT added a smart home system to give the family a peace of mind and protect what they love. It was essential that we leave the Moffitt family with room to learn, grow and of course make yummy recipes. Ready to see their reaction?


Exterior Refresh

After having to evacuate their home during an earthquake, the Moffitts had no way to check on their home from afar. We granted them a piece of mind going forward so they never have this feeling again. Along with protection, we wanted to brighten up the exterior to fit the family’s sparkling smiles.

First up for the Moffitt family’s home was updating the exterior. The Scott brothers modernized the home by adding a new roof, windows, and stucco, bringing the exterior back to life. In addition to the aesthetic updates, we also added a full exterior security system.

The Moffitts now have an ADT video doorbell to see who comes by the house when they are not home. Most importantly, we added cameras with audio capabilities surrounding the house so they can keep an eye on their 2 ½ acres and talk to their children from anywhere on the property. 

Kitchen & Living Room

A family of eight requires a lot of food and cooking supplies. The Moffitts love to cook and spend time eating together but were severely lacking in storage. Prior to the renovation, their home office served as a pantry, which left them wishing for more space.

The Scott Brothers joined us to give the kitchen and living room a full makeover. This living space was opened and transformed to a bright focal point of their home. In the kitchen, way more storage was added by including new cabinets to store enough food for the entire family. High on the wish list was an island serving a congregation point that can be used for baking, eating and prepping.

To serve as the base for their smart home, we added an ADT Command Panel with voice integration so the Moffitts can control their customized protection by just using saying "Hey Google”. From setting the system to lock all doors at night to turn the lights off at a certain time every night, the family now has the power to control their protection 24/7.

With their new open space, the Moffitts can make even more memories while safe at home. We’re so excited to see all the delicious recipes they cook up in the kitchen of their dreams.

Therapy Room Addition

Another priority for the Moffitt family was a dedicated therapy room. Their two youngest children have a rare genetic syndrome and require 24/7 care. Prior to Pass the Protection, their living room also served as the therapy space which was a distraction for all. The Scott Brothers decided to use their garage to help the home function the way it needed to all along. Check out the new kid cave!

Going forward, we wanted to ensure the Moffitt family had a separate therapy space that the kids could use for years. This completely new spot allows their children to grow and develop without distractions.

We continued to wow the Moffitt family and bring smiles to their faces by keeping the space large, timeless and full of technology. As the kids grow, the space can be flexible and serve as a spot for enjoyment (even if they want alone time). The therapy room features ADT Pro HD Indoor Security Cameras so the Moffitts can be assured that the children are safe.

Thank You Scott Brothers

We are thrilled to have helped the Moffitts create their purpose-built dream home and welcome them to the ADT family. From additional space to a dedicated therapy room, the family now has a space ready for their bright future. The Moffitts never have to worry again about home when they’re away, thanks to the 24/7 monitoring of their ADT system. Our hearts are warmed knowing the Moffitts were wowed with exactly what they wanted.

They can now sleep soundly every night knowing they are safe and secure no matter what life brings in their bright, stylish, high-tech home.

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