Remember back in February when we launched the nationwide Pass the Protection contest?  We asked people, “What do you want to protect?” with the goal of finding one deserving family to receive a $250,000 home makeover by Drew and Jonathan Scott, a professionally installed ADT smart home security system and 3 years of 24/7 professional monitoring. The submissions flooded in from across the country. And, by the end of the submission period, we had gotten over 11,500 entries.

We pored over all of them; reading stories of love and loss, detailed dreams of future homes, and overall an astounding amount of reasons to protect what we love most. Narrowing down the finalists was tough but today we’re excited to announce the winners of this incredible once-in-a-lifetime prize.

The Reveal

So, in August, we got together virtually with the Scott brothers and our winning family to tell them the good news. Here’s how that went:



Meet the Moffitts:

The Moffitts are a family of 8 with adopted foster home kids, some with special needs. After having 3 children of their own (Briar- 14, Skyler- 12, and Jedy- 10), they fostered Wilis (8) and Kaly (4). They fell in love with the brother and sister, adopted them, and then another sibling came along, the youngest, Preston (3). The kids enjoy mountain biking, cooking with the family, and playing on the 2 ½ acres that their house sits on.



Here is their winning submission:

“This past year our family had to evacuate our home and leave town to escape the largest earthquakes to hit Southern California in two decades. Our town was the epicenter of these quakes. We worried about our home and property while we were away and wished we had a smart security system at the time. We are a large family of 8. Our youngest 3 are adopted siblings we adopted through foster care. The two youngest have a rare genetic syndrome and require 24/7 protective supervision. An ADT smart home security system could do so much more for our family than just keeping us safe from intruders; it could help us monitor and meet the safety needs of our special needs children.”


The Moffitts are a loving, deserving family that we’re so happy to be able to help.


The Moffitts’ Wish

Because the two youngest children have a rare genetic syndrome and require 24/7 care, one large priority is to make the house more accessible for their caretakers. We’ll be designing a physical therapy room for all the therapists who visit, so they can have some space instead of taking appointments in the middle of the living room. As all the kids like to be involved with the cooking, we’ll be expanding the kitchen. Eight people is a lot to fit into one kitchen, no matter how big! The Moffitts are also looking forward to adding solar panels to increase the energy efficiency of their home and getting some exterior work done.


Why We’re Excited to Help the Moffitts

The Moffitts are about to have the smartest home security system on the block! Their new video doorbell will allow them to see the kids coming and going from the home. Installing exterior cameras will help them to keep tabs on the kids as they play all around their 2 ½ acres of land. Smart lights and thermostats, in addition to the solar panels they’re getting, will work wonders in making their home more energy-efficient and keep energy costs low. Life safety devices including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will act quickly in the case of an emergency, helping to protect the newly remodeled home and everyone inside it. Our ADT Control app allows them to check in on what’s going on at the house from anywhere, meaning less worry and more peace of mind for these busy parents. This all results in a safer, more confident living situation for the whole Moffitt family.



This work will all take place over the coming months. We are so excited to help build the Moffitt Family’s dream home and, more importantly, to help keep this beautiful family safe. We’ll keep you all in the loop here, so check back for updates on the renovation.  You can read's coverage of the reveal here. Welcome to the ADT family, Moffitts!


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