Trick or Treat Etiquette to Keep in Mind This Halloween

Happy Halloween season! Trick-or-treating is one of the most delightful activities of the year—and by following a few simple guidelines, you can help ensure you have a safe and happy Halloween. Check out our ‘treat not tricks -tips’ below to make sure you and your family avoid any mistakes during this year’s Halloween festivities.

#1: Respect your neighbors

The one holiday fright no one wants? Being woken up in the middle of the night by an intrusive sound or light display from the house next door. Err on the side of neighborly caution: double-check that your decorations are fully dark and quiet by a reasonable hour.

#2: Walk toward the light

Halloween lighting is a balancing act: spookiness is a must, but you can also create a safer trick-or-treat environment by balancing darkness with thoughtfully placed lighting. The good news is you can get the best of both worlds with ADT Smart Light Bulbs. The smart light bulbs easily create outdoor security lighting that automatically turns on when motion is detected—making sure kids can safely make it to your front door. Once they’ve left with their sugary treasure, the lights can be set to dim or fully turn off, restoring your home’s carefully constructed frightful facade.

#3: Broadcast your participation

Need to take a break from the Halloween madness this year? Your security system can help make sure everyone knows to skip your home—saving you the annoyance of random visitors, and saving trick-or-treaters from disappointment. By using your smart lighting to darken your home’s (undecorated) exterior, it will be quite clear that your family chose not to participate. And should any misguided ghouls accidentally ring your doorbell, you can easily explain without leaving the couch: you can speak directly to visitors with the Video Doorbell Camera via our Control mobile app—which gives you control of your security system and smart-home automation devices.

And if you are participating, the same convenience applies. If you can’t make it to the door right away to greet the latest dressed-up candy-seekers, simply check out their costumes on your smartphone and say hello remotely—you can even spook the little monsters with a creepy voice! Halloween is a special opportunity for creativity and personality, especially when everyone is able to participate safely, politely, and in the spirit of neighborhood fun.

#4: Consider your loot

When choosing treats to distribute to local kiddos, it’s important to remember that many kids have allergies. Consider including allergy-friendly candy without nuts or dairy or even hand out other fun halloween-themed non food items to ensure that all the neighborhood ghouls feel included in the holiday. An easy way to communicate your house is allergy friendly is to partake in the Teal Pumpkin Project and display a teal pumpkin on your front porch to alert kids there are non-food treats at your house.

#5: Mind your manners

Before your costumed children head out for the evening, remind them that Halloween is an exciting night—but just like every other day in the neighborhood, it’s still important to be kind and polite to all the kids and adults they encounter. Along with a welcoming trick or treat, it’s important to thank each person for the the treat they shared! A little thanks goes a long way! Once the whole family is on the same page, everyone can enjoy trick-or-treating with peace of mind—and a belly full of sweets.

#6: Costume caution

Cultural sensitivity grows each year, meaning that a costume your parents might have considered harmless fun when you were growing up might upset some folks in 2019. Take extra care when helping your kids choose costumes, but remember: there are virtually limitless creative options they can explore that won’t ruffle any feathers!

Whether you’re frightfully excited for this year’s Halloween or a bit spooked by the holiday, there’s no need to “ghost” on your neighborhood’s trick or treating: regardless of your family’s level of participation, ADT’s smart-home security solutions can facilitate a stress-free holiday for all—from automated, safety-enhancing lighting for your yard, porch, and home to effortless greeting with the Video Doorbell Camera. Have a safe, fun, delicious Halloween!

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