Before we dive into which doorbell security system will best serve your family’s needs, we first want to underscore just how important a doorbell camera really is and define what it could mean for your family. We say this because people often underestimate the device’s true value. 

In fact, customers often search “doorbell” or “doorbell cameras” online without giving a second thought to just how important the decision really is. The doorbell security system is your first line of defense and can be your personal assistant if you want it to be. 

With so many options available, some questions you’ll want to ask yourself when considering purchasing a video doorbell camera include:

  • Do you want to see who’s knocking?

  • Can I answer the door from virtually anywhere?

  • Will I be able to see when my packages are delivered?

  • With so many options, which doorbell camera is best for me?

After reading through the contents of this article, you’ll have the knowledge to make an informed purchase decision with regards to your home’s first line of defense – your doorbell security system.


Doorbells Then and Now


It’s a little bit crazy to think of how many homes still use a version of the doorbell that was invented in 1831. A bell or noise of some kind simply alerts the people inside that somebody – not exactly sure who – is at the door. 

Today, families can invest in doorbell cameras. With a video doorbell camera, you can see and identify the person standing outside of your house, no matter where you are, ensuring safety, convenience, and peace of mind.

Some features of modern doorbell cameras include:

  • Wide-angle lens

  • Infrared LED night vision technology

  • Compatibility with smart devices

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Weatherproof design 

  • Multiple mounting positions 

  • Two-way talk 

  • Motion-activated recordings


Top 6 Ways Families Can Use a Doorbell Security System


Convenience is another thing people underestimate with the power of a great doorbell. With a smart doorbell, you’ll be pulled in one less direction. In fact, some ways in which a doorbell camera can make your life easier include:

  • Conveniently see who’s at the door without opening it first

  • Connectivity with multiple smart devices 

  • Monitor when your children come and go while you’re away from home 

  • Keep track of deliveries

  • Maintain a personal sense of safety when home alone

  • Review video clips


Conveniently see who’s at the door without opening it first

The doorbell camera is a multi-taskers dream. Busy cooking a holiday meal? Use the 2-way video doorbell audio to answer the door without putting spatula down. No more scrambling out of the shower just to answer the door for a solicitor or having to stop cooking to see what the noise at the front door was. 

With the video doorbell camera, you receive a video recording notification the moment motion is detected at your door. With a mobile app, you can choose whether you want to view the live video stream and communicate with your guests, watch a recording from earlier or send a clip to the authorities in the event of suspicious activity.


Connectivity With Multiple Smart Devices

Share security and connectivity by adding family members and devices to your doorbell security system. See what’s on your doorstep whether you're sitting on the couch with your tablet or on your smartphone at your desk. Adding family members as you go is also just a few taps away within the app interface.


Monitor when your kids come and go while you’re away from home 

If you're a family with teenagers at home, a doorbell camera is also a great way to monitor whether they’re following curfew guidelines. With live stream capabilities and video storage, you’ll be able to see whether someone’s story truly lines up. 


More Convenient Deliveries 

The two-way talk feature can also be incredibly useful when you’re expecting deliveries. Instead of getting up and ready, you can politely ask the delivery person to drop off the package at the door. Or, if a signature is required, you can let someone know you’ll be down shortly before they drive away. 


Maintain a Personal Sense of Safety When Home Alone

With a doorbell camera, you can see the visitor at your door, but the person cannot see you. This means if you want people to think you are not home, you can, thanks to remote access to your doorbell camera’s live feed. 


Review video clips

While it may seem like it, we don’t spend the entire day looking at our smartphones. That’s why the doorbell security system saves recordings of activity detected throughout the day. See a suspicious activity on the front lawn? Access these clips at any time and send them to authorities if needed.


3 Reasons You Should Integrate Your Doorbell With Your Home Security System


Safety is our north star at ADT, so how a doorbell camera can keep you and your family safe is of paramount importance to us. An increase in security with the use of this doorbell is hard to overemphasize, and some benefits include:

  • Quickly contact the authorities in the event of an emergency 

  • A deterrent to ward off theft 


Quickly Contact the Authorities in the Event of an Emergency 

In a worst case scenario, live alerts from a smart lock can text or email you when the lock status changes. So, in the event that someone is trying to break in, you will be notified immediately, and you can take the appropriate action. Even if somebody uses a code instead of physically breaking in, you can still be notified. And if the doorbell has a camera, you can also see who the intruder is so that the authorities would know who to identify even if they leave your place. Here, the camera could actually help you find the culprit!  


A Deterrent to Ward Off Theft 

The presence of these doorbells can act as a deterrent and work to ward off theft. In other words, comprehensive security makes your home less desirable to criminals.


Cost Benefits of a Doorbell Camera


Putting a price on safety is a tricky thing, considering it’s essentially invaluable. Clearly, a doorbell that utilizes advanced technology and modern convenience won’t cost the same as a traditional doorbell. But we can assure you, the price is well worth it. Some long-term costs benefits of doorbell cameras include:

  • Increase home value: Buyers want the very best when it comes to their future home, and a home that includes a doorbell camera can provide a strong return. 

  • Potential to lower your homeowners insurance bill: Although this is something you’ll want to check with your provider directly, professionally monitored security devices have the ability to help lower your insurance costs.

  • Add additional value to the rest of your home security system: A smart home security system is much more valuable if all of the parts are integrated.

  • Prevent a package being taken from your door: Whether it’s something a certain family member needs or a recent treat-yourself purchase, you’ll be able to know exactly when a package is delivered and not have to wait by the door – potentially wasting a whole day.

  • Additional line of defense while on vacation: If you’re away from your home, the two-way talk feature of a doorbell camera allows you to pretend like you are home – potentially lowering the risk of a break-in. 


Work With ADT to Find the Right Doorbell Security System for Your Family 


Safety really is our passion. After all, you are what you protect. ADT has helped countless people stay safe or get their lives back on track in the event something goes wrong. 

We want to be here for you, and we’re absolutely ready to be. All you need to do is reach out. Our offerings are available to browse and purchase online, but our expert staff is happy to go over your needs on the phone as well. 

And once you’re a customer, our professional technicians are available to set up your new devices. We offer same-day or next-day service for all of our customers.


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