Will My Security Company Contact Me For An Emergency?

Any security company that is quality and that you want to work with will contact you if there is an emergency. There are a few different reasons why they may do this, they include:

Your Safety: A security company will contact you in the case of an emergency because they want to ensure that you aren’t in your home when the emergency occurred. This can be during a break in or another type of emergency situation. If you answer that you are fine, then you can take over the reigns of the situation. However, if you do not answer, the security company will take over and ensure that you are safe.

The security company will talk to you in a few different ways, including via a mobile application (if applicable), via a telephone call, over your email, or through the system itself

For Security: In the case of a break in or a natural emergency, time is often the most important piece. For a fire or a flood, the sooner you can have someone get to your home, the better off you will be. The security company knows this, so they will work quickly to get the appropriate parties to your home.

For Safety: If you are in a grave situation, such as asleep during a CO2 leak or in trouble when someone breaks into your home, you might not be able to do anything to help save yourself and your family. Instead, the security company can do what you cannot do.

Your security company will try to contact you in the case of an emergency, but they will also work to solve the problem at the same time. You will work with them to set up a plan if there is an emergency in your home, so you don’t have to worry about them contacting the wrong person.

Security Company Monitoring

One thing you do have to make sure is that the security company you choose does their own monitoring. Security companies that don’t do their own monitoring and outsource it tend to have delays in contacting you – or contacting the authorities – and this can lead to a less secure home.

You can even set it up so that a specific thing will happen when an emergency occurs in your home. Have a hospital that you’d prefer to go to? In between two police stations and have one that you want to work with? A good security monitoring company will take this into consideration when working to keep you safe.

Protect Everyone In Your Family During an Emergency