Guide to DIY Home Security

How to Take Home Security Into Your Own Hands
A Guide to DIY Home Security Systems

This complete guide to DIY home security solutions explains the various devices available, as well as installation tips.

When DIY Solutions Make Sense for You and Your Home
When DIY Home Security System Solutions Make Sense

This guide will help you determine if a DIY smart home security system makes sense for you.

How Do DIY Systems Work?
How Do DIY Home Security Systems Work?

If you are considering setting up a DIY home security system, you may wonder how they work. Learn about the DIY process and system components.

The Value of DIY Home Security Cameras
The Value of DIY Home Security Cameras

DIY home security cameras are easy to install and provide features like HD video, night vision, and facial recognition.

How Easy Is It To Install a DIY System?
How Easy Is It to Install a DIY Security System?

It takes less than an hour to set up a DIY home security system. Learn how easy it is to install Blue by ADT.

Best Practices in Monitoring My DIY System
A Guide to Monitoring Your DIY System

With cloud storage and remote access, here are some of the best ways to monitor your home security system.

The Value of DIY Home Alarms
Are DIY Alarms Worth the Investment?

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the sensors that are available with Blue by ADT – our DIY home security system – and their long-term value.

How Much Does A DIY Home Security System Cost
How Much Does a DIY Security System Cost?

Learn about the Blue by ADT home security system options available to fit your needs and budget, so you can help protect what you care about most.