Will My Neighbors Hear My Alarm?

If you live in an area where the homes are close together, it is highly likely that your neighbor will hear your alarm. This is a good thing because they may be able to help you. Still, you do have the ability to control the decibel of the alarm and the actual sound that it makes.

If you live in an area where your home isn’t surrounded by other homes, your neighbors probably won’t hear your alarm going off at all. You can control the volume, so you can make it as loud as possible so that perhaps someone will hear it.

Remember that the main priority of an in-home alarm system is to alert everyone that is inside of your home. Still, if you share a wall with a family, live in an apartment, or just live somewhere that only has an alley separating you, it is more common for your neighbors to hear the alarm.

Another thing to consider is that you want your alarm loud enough that you can hear it if you are outside. This means that nearby neighbors will probably hear it. With many alarm systems, you’ll also have notifications on your phone, but you might keep your phone inside.

How Your Neighbors Help You

If there is an emergency at your home, your neighbors can help you by identifying someone leaving the scene of the crime, helping to ensure that no one gets away, or just talking to the authorities to ensure that your family is out of your home.

While many of us like our privacy, there are some times when our neighbors do help us out – and this is certainly one of them. If you aren’t home, your neighbor might be the best person to help out in this case – if you want them to be. Know that with many alarm systems, you can control the sound and volume of the alarm, so you can control whether they hear it or not.

If you do want your neighbor to help you in the case of an emergency, you should show them what the alarm sounds like and express your needs in the case of an incident. While your security company should know this, it is a good idea to let someone else know.

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