What Are Electric Door Locks?

Electric door locks are a new and improved way to keep your home secure. They replace your keys or work in conjunction with them. When you have electronic door locks, you will be able to remotely lock and unlock your doors as well as monitor whether they are locked or not. You can use a key fob, your car, a mobile application, or a key code to unlock them. These were first found on cars, they are now available in homes and apartments as well.

For any type of door lock, you need a key of sorts to get into it. However, keys aren’t always efficient because they require the use of your hands (problematic if you have to carry something inside or you are older and have arthritis), you need to carry them (not always great for children who are prone to losing things), and take time (not good if the weather is poor or you live in a dangerous area).

The lock system works just like a traditional lock – with a latch and a bolt. Traditionally, keys work with a pin and tumbler system where the lock cylinder is held in place and the key turns them and moves the lock a certain distance – enough to allow the door to open. There are other ways to get this open, but they often take a certain amount of skill and a long time.

Electronic door locks use something called actuators, which move the bolt of the lock into place so that they door can open. You simply have to trigger the actuator and your door will open.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Door Locks

Every method of locking your home has pros and cons. Physical keys or key cards can be lost or damaged quite easily. Remembering your numerical key code can be hard – especially if you tend to change them often. Key codes can also be guessed quite easily, especially on older systems where the numbers are worn down. You can change the key code as need be, which might make your home safer – and it doesn’t take as much work as changing keys.

For electronic locks, it does take some time to get used to them. You have to remember batteries and ensure that you have a way to open your system with you at all times. Still, there are multiple ways to use these locks, so you can ensure that you always have something around you. For example, you can keep something in your car, in your purse, at the gym, or at work. This will ensure that you are never trapped outside your home.

Automated systems ensure that you never have to break into your own home. You will be able to unlock your home from wherever you are.

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