More Google Assistant-enabled devices are here

June 01, 2021

Two additional Google Assistant-enabled devices are now available to add on to your Blue by ADT security system. Learn about how you can control your security and other smart home devices using your voice with Google, and why a DIY security system is the perfect gift for Dad. And to celebrate National Camera Day, we’ll shift some of this month’s focus to the benefits of having a security camera.

Get hands-free help at home with Nest Hub (2nd gen) and Nest Hub Max

You can now add a Nest Hub (2nd gen) or Nest Hub Max to your existing Blue by ADT security setup. This means, you can control your security system, and compatible smart home devices using only your voice. Just say “Hey Google” on your Google Assistant-enabled device to get started.

Control your home with just your voice…
Stream video from your Blue cameras and control your security system and smart home devices like locks, lights and more with your voice. Just ask Google

…and the tap of your finger
Control and monitor your smart home devices from a single dashboard on the touchscreen. Talk to Google to set reminders and alarms, get answers and more.

Stay connected to those who matter most
Make voice and video (Nest Hub Max only) calls to friends and family, or to talk to your kids in different rooms if those rooms also have a Nest Hub (2nd Gen) or a Nest Mini set up.

Dad can go hands-free, too

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 20, and a Blue by ADT security system with a Nest Mini is the perfect gift for Dad. It’s a DIY project that gives him the power to protect his kingdom and obsess over the thermostat right from a single app. Plus, he can talk to Google to control his system with his voice, brush up on his dad jokes, play his favorite dad rock anthems and control his smart home devices—all hands-free.

Picture-perfect peace of mind

If going hands-free isn’t quite your dad’s thing, maybe a Blue by ADT smart cam is more up his alley. He can use it to admire his yard work or even just obsessively watch the thermostat while he’s on the go.

In the spirit of National Camera Day (June 29), we figured this was the perfect time to remind you about some of the perks of having a camera as part of your security setup:

Every day can be “Take Your Loved One to Work Day”
If you’re making the transition back to the office after working from home during the pandemic, you may find that you miss all that extra time with your furbaby or the kiddos. With a Blue Indoor Camera, you can check in on them via the app’s live video feed and say hello using 2-way talk.

Get the door on the go—or from the couch
Whether you’re at work or just binge-watching your new fav show, you’ll be able to see who’s at the door from your smartphone with a doorbell camera. Facial recognition technology lets you know when friends and family arrive, and the 180° field of view means you’ll always have eyes on your deliveries.

The grass is always greener in HD
And the flowers you planted look even prettier. But a Blue by ADT Wireless Outdoor Camera isn’t just for admiring your garden. You can stream live video from the yard and supervise playtime, then let the kiddos know it’s time to come in for dinner with 2-way talk. It also features a 16.4-foot detection range and night vision—so you never miss a thing.