How to Protect Your Backyard: Security Cameras, Alarm Systems + General Tips

You look out at your backyard, and see a natural retreat you can call your own. It’s where your kids’ imaginations run wild and pets lounge under blue skies. Whether you use it to host barbecues or cultivate gardens, a backyard is where you can relax stress-free. 


However, when burglars case your backyard, they see opportunity. Tempting belongings are left all too often left unattended, and landscaping choices may present desired privacy.


Learn about DIY outdoor cameras, alarm systems, and other ways to secure your backyard with tips from Blue by ADT.

Monitor the Backyard With DIY Outdoor Security Cameras


Outdoor cameras are the ultimate security tool for self-monitoring your backyard. You can watch footage directly on your mobile device and receive notifications when the system detects motion. 


Blue by ADT designed the cameras to tell the movement of humans and animals apart. This lets you control the types of activities that trigger notifications. For example, you can choose whether to receive a message if your dogs enter the backyard or a pesky raccoon rucksacks your garbage. You can even choose to view and record different ranges of distance. 


The most useful backyard security camera feature is the two-way talk capabilities. When your Blue by ADT app notifies you that an intruder is in your backyard, you can speak directly to them, regardless of whether you’re home. 


That’s sure to give the potential burglar a fright! 


Other helpful features that make the Blue Outdoor Camera ideal for backyard security usage:


  • Facial recognition – Know who comes into the backyard and determine special notification settings for these individuals.


  • Night vision – There’s no hiding from the Blue by ADT’s night vision technology. 


  • Wireless design for flexible positioning – Without the need for wires, you are free to position your backyard security camera where it can best monitor the space.

Attach it to an overhang or high place and angle it for a full view of your property. Depending on the size of your backyard, you may need more than one outdoor security camera.


  • Optional cloud storage – An epic cannonball into the backyard pool. A wild animal enjoying your play castle. A stranger stretching his neck to snoop. These are all moments you will want to capture and rewatch. Blue by ADT lets you store important backyard security camera footage to access whenever you please. 


  • Integration with smart home automation technologies, including Google Assist and Amazon Alexa.


Increase Backyard Protection With an Alarm System Complete With Door and Window Sensors


Backyards naturally provide many of the elements burglars seek when choosing an access point: privacy from onlookers and floor-level doors or windows that may be unlocked. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to secure doors and windows accessible from your backyard. 


Set up a security system that includes door and window sensors that sound an alarm and/or notify you if triggered. For an extra layer of protection, get monthly professional monitoring from a trusted provider like ADT. If a sensor senses an intruder, you will immediately receive a wellness check and the authorities will be sent to your home. 


Get an All-Encompassing DIY Security Solution With Blue by ADT


Sync your backyard security camera with the rest of your home’s protection by building an alarm system specifically for your needs. You can control all devices from a single app and only concern yourself with (optional) monthly fees. 


We create all our security cameras and sensors for DIY installation that takes mere minutes. We also let you choose whether to have a long-term contract or utilize our professional monitoring services. Take your system from one home to the next without any hassle and breathe easy knowing that you’re protected by the home security experts at ADT. 


Install Outdoor Lights With Motion Detection


Motion-activated lights are helpful when you come home at night and would otherwise fumble for keys in the dark. However, they also deter intruders. 


Burglars that prefer the cover of darkness will suddenly be hit with an unexpected spotlight, interrupting their plans. They will most likely wonder what other technology you have in place that could track their movements. 


Make Your Backyard Less Tempting to Potential Burglars


Thieves don’t like a challenge. Most choose to burgle the houses in which they think they’re least likely to be caught and the pay-off is big. Make your home and backyard less desirable to intruders with the following security ideas: 


  • Display home security system signs in both the front and backyard, as well as on windows. No intruder wants the surprise of an alarm system, and you certainly don’t want to come face-to-face with them inside your home. Therefore, keep burglars at bay with signs that forewarn that you secured your backyard. 


  • Limit the height of shrubbery to only a few feet. Bushes make for great hiding spots, particularly if they’re human-height. Prune your thicker hedges to be no more than three feet so potential burglars are visible from the street.


  • Add a fence that would be particularly hard to climb or hop. Your gate doesn’t necessarily need to be eight-feet high to create an undesirable barrier for intruders. For example, a chain link fence is both affordable and purposefully designed to be difficult to hop over. If you prefer the look of wood, make sure that the boards are sturdy enough not to be ripped or kicked away. 

Further reinforce your fence with plants that are either dense and/or prickly. After all, no one wants to land hard on a thorny rose bush. 


  • Stow or lock valuables to remove temptation. Imagine the following scenario — someone with sticky fingers strolls by your backyard and casually spots a lone bicycle. Within less than a minute, they can be in-and-out with a new bike to call their own. Too easy, right? 

It’s a good idea to stow or secure all backyard belongings when not in use. Put tools away in a locked shed or garage, chain smaller furniture pieces to larger ones, and bring the expensive toys inside. 


  • Put your dog on display. Don’t expect your four-legged companion to patrol your backyard night-and-day. However, by letting your dog into the yard on a regular basis, anyone casing your home will take notice. Even the sound of an attentive bark from inside the home could be enough to scare a burglar away. 

Consider adding a “beware of dog” sign to the outside of your fence, even if you don’t have a puppy of your own. 


Blue by ADT is Ready to Help Secure Your Backyard 

Blue by ADT makes it easy and affordable to monitor the most vulnerable parts of your home, including the backyard. Our simple-to-set up security cameras help you capture the important moments, both bad and good. Browse our products and alarm systems to find the right protection for your yard and home.