Do I Need a Security System in An Apartment?

If you rent an apartment but still want the peace of mind that comes with a security system, opportunities may seem limited. Yet, in reality, you have many options available to improve the security of your home, even if home to you is an apartment.


  • Familiarize yourself with the risks of your new neighborhood: Research the area where you live and find out what might pose a security concern, such as a high theft rate. Speak to neighbors, police, and local businesses to find out more about your neighborhood and what specifically to expect.
  • Check out the apartment building’s security measures: Does your apartment have good lighting in common areas? Are there working security cameras? Is there an additional locked door or gate to keep strangers from entering the complex? Take an inventory of the features your apartment building has or lacks. This will help you decide if you feel comfortable in this space, as well as identify any measures you may need to take to make your apartment safer.
  • Check the doors and windows: Access points are the most vulnerable part of any home or apartment. Make sure that all locks are working. Additionally, keep an eye out for other security features such as peepholes, chain locks, key codes, security cameras, and remote unlocking.


As an Apartment Renter, You Are More Vulnerable to Theft

Though it may come as a surprise, apartment renters are actually more vulnerable to theft than homeowners.  Due to the nature of apartment living, it’s common to see new neighbors and their visitors, which makes a casual intruder less likely to be noticed.

Opportunistic neighbors pose another risk. Most burglaries happen during daylight hours and take less than 10 minutes,  so anyone familiar with your regular schedule and unit’s weak spots may be a potential threat.


Can You Install  a Security System in Your Apartment?

Yes. Although, installing a security system may be somewhat dependent on whether you rent or own your apartment, or what your landlord will allow you to do within the terms of your lease. There may also be certain rules that you have to follow based on the Homeowners Association in your apartment complex or community. Generally, you should not face any trouble for installing a security system in your apartment while being mindful of the space.


How to Choose the Right Security System for Your Apartment

The first step to finding the right security system for your apartment is to determine the most vulnerable points of entry. Remarkably, almost 40% of burglars enter right through the front door, so you’ll want to keep this in mind as you’re browsing for systems. You’ll also want to take note of any windows at ground level or that are accessible via a fire escape.

It’s also important to consider the size of your apartment, as well as the number of rooms in your space. Before you buy, do some research on some security companies that offer smaller home security packages or allow you to custom build your own. This will ensure that you don’t end up stuck with extra equipment for which you have no need.

With all of that that in mind, an apartment is a very unique housing situation and requires specialized considerations when looking for the right home alarm system. For example, your apartment may have a balcony that needs additional security. If your apartment is on the ground floor, extra security precautions should be taken to secure windows that are accessible at street level. You can also take some extra steps to boost your safety:

  • Install a deadbolt, chain lock, or door reinforcement lock
  • Get a door jammer security bar for any sliding glass doors
  • Keep your windows covered with blinds or curtains
  • Invest in a safe for valuables and important documents
  • Get renters insurance for extra coverage
  • Be discrete when going out of town
  • Install automated lights to keep your place lit when out
  • Attend neighborhood watch meetings if possible


Why DIY Systems Makes the Most Sense for Apartment Renters

The average renter only spends two to three years in one apartment before moving. DIY home security systems are easy to pack up and move from one apartment to the next, which makes them ideal for renters. And while the cost of a DIY system may be more upfront, the ability to take it with you from one dwelling to the next makes them less expensive over time.

Professionally installed systems, on the other hand, make more sense for larger homes with more space to cover and more entry points.


DIY Security Systems for Apartments from Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT’s home security systems offer a customizable solution to your security needs. The starter system, which is great for apartments, comes with a smart home hub, two door & window sensors, window stickers, a yard sign, and access to the mobile app. This allows you to control your home security system through any mobile device with ease and offers built-in two-way push-to-talk communication via phone or cellular service, and intuitive, menu-driven touch screens.

Blue by ADT offers DIY security systems specifically designed to protect your apartment and give you peace of mind that your home is safe, secure,  and protected from all potential threats. You can also build your own apartment security system and choose from the following features and equipment:

  • 24/7 ADT monitoring
  • Self-monitoring through a mobile app
  • Indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras
  • Wireless sensors to detect motion or temperature changes
  • Extenders for Wi-Fi range and camera battery life
  • Battery packs for extended camera power

If you want to make sure that your apartment home is safe and secure so you can sleep more soundly at night, shop Blue by ADT to find the best security system for your needs.