Tips to stay safe while traveling

Traveling is stressful. You hurry out of the house and rush to the airport to catch your flight, but all of a sudden, you’re wondering if you locked all the doors. Or did you leave your passport at home? Don’t panic. We’ve created a list of travel safety tips so you’ll be travel-ready every trip.

Here’s how to have a less stressful traveling experience.

Before your trip

First thing’s first, create a list to check off tasks before you leave. This assures your home is safe and secure.

Invest in a security system so you can check on your home from your phone. You’ll receive alerts for any suspicious activity and can confirm you’ve turned off all lights, locked the doors and the garage is shut.

Buy travel insurance to protect from the unexpected like lost or stolen luggage or trip cancellation, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket when life interrupts.

Confirm your transportation and lodging arrangements prior to the travel date, and avoid any room mix ups causing you to sleep in your car for the night.

Give your trusted neighbor an extra house key in case of emergency or if they’re checking on your dogs for the weekend. Also, give them your phone number and itinerary to easily reach you.


During your trip

It’s vacation time! Carry your belongings with you or secure them in the hotel room at all times. Most hotels provide safes in every room to store valuables. Each day, carry a copy of your passport and cash you’ll need, and leave the rest in the safe with your actual passport.

Don’t be afraid to blend in with your environment. If you’re going to a different country, learn some words and phrases in the native language. Some phrases like, “Help” or “Where is a hospital or embassy?” come in handy in emergency situations.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Stay alert and present in your environment to dodge con artists or pickpockets.

Limit social media usage on your trip. If you post images or statuses, exclude your exact location. Suspicious characters may see an opportunity to break into your home if they know you’re not there.


After your trip

Your vacation has come to an end, and it’s time to go home. Check your hotel for all belongings so you don’t leave anything behind. Remember to grab your valuables in the safe.

After you’ve made it back home, look for any unusual signs. Make sure all doors are still locked and all your belongings are in place. View the security cameras again for any unusual activity. Welcome back to your safe and secure home.


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