There have been major advancements in home security innovation and with good reason. Burglary is big business. In the United States alone, a burglary is committed every 10 seconds, according to the Metropolitan Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (MBFAA). That comes to approximately 13 million homes burglarized each year.

From home automation to video monitoring to wireless home security systems, here are a few of the top home automation products and service trends:

    1. Smart home integration: This hot home technology makes it easier to monitor and manage your home while you’re there or away. Smart systems such as ADT Pulse, let you can monitor such alarms as fire, carbon monoxide and personal emergency response systems remotely or from anywhere in your home using your computer, smart phone or iPad.

    2. Broadband video monitoring: This technology makes it possible for your home security system to call your cell phone or send video to your smart phone or laptop at the first sign of trouble. Now you can see what is happening in and around your home while you’re away.

    3. Interactive automation: Home automation is enabling homeowners to manage energy properly with programmable lighting and climate that helps scale back energy usage when they’re not home. You can set these sophisticated systems, you so come home to a comfortable, well-lit home. They also work great to stop your home from looking abandoned when you’re away.

Home security trends continue to evolve and progress and we’ll continue to report on developments in technology, including WiFi home automation. More and more people are taking an active role in obtaining the best home security innovation that is right for their family. Make security part of your everyday routine.

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