No Contract Security Systems

For many, long-term commitment doesn’t make sense

Security systems with month-to-month agreements or no long term contracts are the answer for many families that need the protection that home security offers, but aren’t interested in making lasting commitments. Common reasons that people choose no-contract home security and/or no long-term contract home security monitoring include:

Potential to move over the next few years. Many security companies make users agree to multi-year arrangements, sometimes with legal language buried deep within contracts. In turn, families that rent and/or move often may be surprised to learn that they can’t get out of a home security contract that no longer meets their needs. This is especially true for people who utilize regionally-based companies that can’t monitor homes outside of a limited area.

The inability to cancel your contract, no matter your satisfaction level. At some point in all of our lives, we’ve all returned something to the store because the item wasn’t quite right. However, most alarm system contracts make it nearly impossible to swiftly cancel your recurring fees regardless of whether you’re happy with your purchase. No long-term contract security systems and month-to-month monitoring options can provide more flexibility.

Good news: You can get home security without a long term contract

You can get a no long term contract self-monitoring plan from Blue by ADT that doesn’t require you to sign on at all. Want the pros to handle your home security monitoring? You can also help protect your home with 24/7 professional monitoring services on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract. The no long-term contract option gives you the ability to cancel anytime for any reason.

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Professional monitoring you can cancel anytime:

You still receive the same quality experience. The best part is that our pro monitoring service without long-term contracts shares all of the same benefits of our long-term, contract monitoring. You aren’t getting less because you didn’t make a lasting commitment.

One of the most obvious benefits of professional monitoring without a long-term contract is that you can cancel at any time without having financial obligations. We are confident that the quality of our service will keep you satisfied. However, we understand that situations change and sometimes you have to rethink your budget.

You own the security equipment, even after you end your contract. If you cancel a plan, your home security system will still work, and you will still receive Blue by ADT app alerts and notifications, though you won’t have the benefit of professional monitoring.

What does a no long-term contract home security system include?

Depending on your ADT DIY home security system selection, you will receive:

  • base
  • entry keypad
  • mobile app access
  • indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • HD video doorbell
  • door/window sensors
  • motion sensor
  • fire safety sensor
  • glass break sensor
  • temperature/flood sensor
  • keychain remote
  • yard sign & window stickers
  • optional 24/7 professional monitoring service

Keep in mind that there are numerous ADT DIY security systems of various sizes, and you also have the option to customize your own. (You may also choose standalone Blue by ADT security cameras that work with or without your system.)

To learn more, check out ADT DIY home security systems and Nest cameras.

We continue to earn your business through quality customer service

Without long-term contracts to keep our customers locked in, we must continually deliver stellar products and service to keep clients happy. We continually earn your business and trust through upgrading our equipment and coverage. In short, our success depends on your satisfaction rather than binding fine print.

Common questions about no long-term contract alarm and home security systems


Am I limited in what equipment I can purchase?

Home security system and/or camera customers without long-term contracts have access to the same options as the rest of our clients, including the flexibility to build their own systems. You can choose the customized security components that make the most sense for your particular needs and living space.

If I cancel my service with Blue by ADT, can I reinstate it at a later date?

Yes. Using the same home security supplies you previously purchased, you can re-establish system monitoring with Blue by ADT. Our no long-term contract home security options mean that you can utilize us when it makes the most sense for your budget and living situation.

What happens if I do not have a long-term contract?

All clients receive access to the same security benefits regardless of their preference about whether or not to have a contract. However, if the 24/7 Blue by ADT professional home monitoring service is terminated, customers who opt for self-monitoring cannot take advantage of emergency services/help.

Do I need to hire a technician to set up my no long-term contract home security system?

No. Blue by ADT security equipment is easy for anyone to set up in less than one hour. Not only does this simplify the process, but it also makes security systems and standalone security cameras versatile enough to accommodate a variety of spaces. You can easily dismantle and set up your security devices again if your family moves into a new home.

Do you offer a video doorbell camera without a subscription?

Yes. ADT DIY offers a video doorbell without a subscription or contract. Our doorbell camera system lets you see, hear, and talk to your home’s visitors from virtually anywhere. Alternatively, you can get the standalone wired Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera without a system or long-term contract. Have the freedom to help protect your home the way you want and from wherever you are, using your doorbell camera without a subscription.

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Help protect your home with security on your terms

The safety of your family doesn’t come with a price tag, but it does need to fit into your budget. With Blue by ADT, you can get both—easy, DIY security and a monitoring plan that works for you with no compromises. You won’t have to wonder whether your children got home safely from school, if your packages were stolen off your front porch, or what your pets have been up to while you were out.

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Using Blue by ADT helps you monitor your home from virtually anywhere, ensuring that the people you want in your home are safe and secure and the people you don’t want in your home can’t get inside. Click here to start your protection today.

If you are professionally monitored, our security system and cameras will constantly monitor your home—even if the internet and power go down—and immediately notify you and our 3 connected monitoring centers at the first sign of trouble.

Get no long-term contract home security today and have peace of mind tomorrow. Professional monitoring plans start as low as 67 cents per day. Click here or give us a call to get started.