Medical Alarm System Monitoring - How it works

You deserve to live your life on your terms, and should always feel safe in your home. If an emergency arises, the simple press of a button will notify dedicated response personnel, who can work to alert medical personnel immediately on your behalf. A team member will even stay on with you until help arrives. You deserve to live life on your terms, and we can help.

How it works

When an alarm signal is received from the personal emergency response system, you can count on a caring monitoring professional to deliver fast response to both you and the appropriate response agency.


Our Emergency Response Monitoring Centers are US-based and Company Owned & Operated.


No matter the time of day, the personal alarm systems are set to keep your family safe.


ADT will contact police, fire, or emergency personnel assistance to your home.

Two-Way Voice Intercom
Press the help button on the wristband or pendant and a caring professional will speak with you through a powerful two-way voice intercom.
Optional Fall Detection alerts ADT even if the help button hasn't been pushed, ensuring help is notified. Compatible with both Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go Emergency Response Systems only.
Lightweight personal help button is 100% waterproof , and can be worn as a wristband or neck pendant so your loved one can feel secure in the shower or tub.

*Available with Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go Emergency Response system. Fall detection at an additional charge.