What can you do with Light Control?

  • Turn lights on and off remotely.

  • Dim or brighten your lights whenever you like.

  • Automate your lights and make your empty office appear busy.

  • Turn on your storefront signage.

High-Voltage Energy Switch

  • Easily connects to your ADT Pulse® wireless network
  • Can be used indoor for heavy duty appliances and outdoor for pool pump, spa heaters, etc.
  • Turn the connected device on/off remotely via Z-Wave wireless controllers
  • Turn the connected device on/off manually using the Pushbutton Switch on the front of the module
  • Multi voltage power supply supporting 120VAC to 277VAC up to 40¥ amps
  • Grey outdoor-rated metal case, with exterior weather resistant On/Off Switch
  • Incorporates special circuitry to capture and report energy values and the Wattage consumed by the device plugged into it
  • Energy related data includes Voltage (V), Current (A), Watts (W), Kilowatt hours (KWh) and Power Factor (PF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set an automation for my lights to flash?

No. Lighting states only function as either On/Off or Diming.

Can a Dimming Light Switch be installed for a switch that controls an outlet?

No. Only On/Off switches can be installed for an interior switch that controls an outlet.