What Can you do with Interactive Video?

  • See live video of your business from anywhere on your smartphone or connected computer.

  • Capture a video clip when motion is detected in restricted areas.

  • Set an automation to receive clips automatically when the contact on the cash register drawer is opened or closed.

  • Receive a notification with a picture image attached when the security system is armed/disarmed to view who is opening/closing the location and to ensure the business is opening/closing on time.


Wireless HD Network Camera

  • Seamlessly enrolls into your secure ADT Pulse® wireless network using the WPS standard 
  • Delivers excellent (720p) High-Definition quality video 
  • Day/Night capable, with built-in Infrared LEDs captures clear, crisp images in dark or low-light environments
  • Video Motion Detection capability
  • Supports dual HD Video Streaming (H.264, M-JPEG) for high-quality videos
  • Camera stand / wall mount (included) holds the camera securely in place

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone else access the wireless camera signal and view the images captured by the cameras in and around my business?

ADT wireless cameras use an encrypted wireless protocol known as WPA2. This is an industry-recognized method to limit access to wireless networks and communications so that your wireless signals remain private between the camera and the iHub.

Can I listen to what is happening in my business with the ADT Pulse system, and record audio as well as video?

No. The ADT Pulse cameras do not record audio.

Can ADT Pulse cameras record images in the dark?

Yes. The ADT Pulse wireless indoor camera features 6 infrared LEDs and the ADT Pulse wireless outdoor camera features 8 infrared LEDs.

Can ADT Pulse cameras record based on motion?

Yes. The ADT Pulse wireless indoor camera and wireless outdoor camera both have a unique video motion activation which means that they can capture video clips when any type of motion passes through the camera's preset field of vision.

What do I need to know in order to use the wireless outdoor camera outside?

The wireless indoor/outdoor day/night camera must be plugged into the standard 110v wall outlet. The camera comes with a 5’ transformer cord and an additional 9’ extension cable is included. The camera itself repels water and dust but is best placed in an area where it is not fully exposed to the elements, like an awning for example. Taking into account environmental factors, the operating temperature ranges are as follows: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45°C); Humidity: 10% - 80% RH (non-condensing).

How many cameras can I have on my ADT Pulse system?

You can have up to 10 cameras.