Posted on 2/23/2021

The home of Joe and Amanda Whitlock.

One night last year, fierce flames and thick smoke filled the home of Joe and Amanda Whitlock. Riveting security video shows the couple’s five-year-old daughter asleep on a couch and then being jarred awake as the ADT smoke alarm activated. She safely escaped the burning house with four other kids.

Joe and Amanda were visiting a neighbor when ADT called to alert them to the fire. Rushing  back home, they were relieved to see their kids safe and unharmed.

I hugged them, kissed them and thanked God they were protected,” said Amanda. “Without the connected smoke detector, they likely wouldn’t have known about the fire until it was too late.

ADT Fire Detection Helps Save Whitlock Family Home
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We wouldn't have known about the fire without the smoke detector.

ADT Dispatcher Heather Madonia received an ADT LifeSaver Award

Amanda also hugged ADT Dispatcher Heather Madonia who travelled to Missouri to meet the family and to receive an ADT LifeSaver Award for calling 911 and verifying the fire.

This is the highlight of my ten-year career at ADT,” exclaimed Heather who works overnight and handles up to 150 alarms each shift. I could tell something was terribly wrong inside the Whitlock house because I was getting multiple alarm signals.”

ADT presented $5,000 each to the Joplin Fire and Police Departments for their quick response which, not only helped save lives, but prevented the Whitlock’s historic house, built by one of Joplin’s founders, from burning to the ground.

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“That call from ADT helped save our lives. And the fast response of the fire department helped save our house.”

- Amy S., Wayne Township, IN

ADT Helps Save Kids from Terrifying Fire