ADT has been around for over 140 years, bringing with it a reliable reputation backed by millions of homes served and exceptional customer service. SimpliSafe is relatively new, but it has made a name with its low-cost security and easy, self-installation options.

But which of these home security systems is right for you? Read more to find out.


Overview of ADT and SimpliSafe


ADT (American District Telegraph) was founded in 1874 by Edward Callahan. It originated as a telegraph-based callbox that alerted a central office--by Morse code--when someone needed help. It was the first suburban security system network. ADT has come a long way over the past 140 years and remains a popular home security option for over 6 million people. 

The idea for SimpliSafe started in 2006 when Harvard students Chad and Eleanor Laurans had difficulty finding a security system for renters. By 2009, SimpliSafe was offering a line of wireless home security options. Easy do-it-yourself installation and a month-to-month contract put them on the map.

ADT vs Simplisafe: Key Points

  ADT SimpliSafe
Founded 1874 2006
Years in business 147 years 15 years
Monitoring Solutions Offered Professional or self-monitoring Professional or self-monitoring
Company-Owned Monitoring Centers 9 0, outsourced to a third party
Contract Options 36-month standard contract with pro-installed systems, 24-months in California. Month-to-month contracts are available with Blue by ADT Month-to-month
Customer Support 1 (855) 742-8427, available 24/7 1 (888) 957-4675, 8 am-midnight, EST, 7 days a week
Money-Back Guarantee 6-month money-back guarantee with ADT pro-installed systems; 30-day guarantee with Blue by ADT systems 60-day



ADT vs Simplisafe: Smart Home Devices


ADT’s selection of home security devices seamlessly works with your intelligent home security system, helping keep your home safe and secure from your mobile device. Products offered by ADT:

SimpliSafe also has a range of cameras and sensors, but they offer fewer options for home automation. 

  • Outdoor camera

  • Indoor camera

  • Video doorbell

  • Smart door lock

  • Smoke detector

  • CO detector

  • Water sensor

  • Panic button

  • Glassbreak sensor

  • Temperature sensor

  • Entry sensor

  • Motion sensor

  • Keyfob


Are Blue by ADT and ADT IFTTT-compatible?

Blue by ADT is IFTTT-compatible (If This, Then That). IFTTT can be programmed to trigger actions at a specific time of day or based on particular weather patterns. It’s compatible with numerous smart home products (i.e., GE appliances, Appkettle, iRobot, simplehuman), social media or blogging platforms (i.e., Tumblr, WordPress), and even has geofencing capabilities.

This means you could potentially customize applets to create rules that:

  • Turn your smart sprinklers on or off at a specific time of day or program them to turn off if it’s supposed to rain.

  • Shut off your Sonos when you arm the system in away mode.

  • Get your iRobot to clean the house if you’re expecting company.

  • Automatically turn your connected coffee machine on every morning at 7:00 am.

  • Turn your smart lights on when an alarm goes off.


And while ADT Pro isn’t IFTTT compatible, Blue by ADT is an excellent choice if access to IFTTT functionality is important to you. 


Are ADT and Blue by ADT Z-Wave compatible?

Yes; Z-Wave wireless technology allows smart home devices to seamlessly talk with each other and a compatible control panel/base station; it’s the “smart” part of smart home automation. 

By unifying all of these devices, Z-Wave creates a network without extra cables or complicated programming. Your devices simply connect to the Z-Wave network, and you can control them wirelessly from a computer or mobile smartphone. 

Even if you have a device that may not initially be compatible with Z-Wave, you can often find a way to plug them into a Z-Wave module.


What do ADT and SimpliSafe have in common?

ADT and SimpliSafe have home security systems that inform you and the police of an intruder. They provide the option for professional monitoring, live surveillance, home automation, and smart home integration.

SimpliSafe has five pre-configured packages to ADT’s three, and both make it easy to create customized packages. ADT’s typical contract model is three years for pro-installed systems, while Blue by ADT offers month-to-month, no long-term contract options, similar to SimpliSafe’s no-contract options.


What do ADT and SimpliSafe Have in Common?

            ADT                        Blue by ADT Simplisafe
24/7 Professional Monitoring Available Yes Yes Yes
Touch-Screen Digital Control Panel Yes No No
Silent Alarm Option or Alarm Duress Code with Professional Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Intruder, Fire, Flood, Carbon Monoxide Detection Available Yes Yes Yes
Smart Locks Available Yes Compatible with Z-Wave Yes
Professional Installation Yes No Available via third party
DIY Installation No Yes Yes
Self-Monitoring Options No Yes Yes
Ability to Customize Security Packages Yes Yes Yes
Potential Discount on Homeowners Insurance Yes Yes Yes
Better Bureau Business Rating A+ A+ A+



What are some differences between ADT and SimpliSafe?

You might think that one of the most significant differences between ADT monitoring and SimpliSafe is that ADT requires a contract. However, Blue by ADT is the perfect month-to-month alternative if you’re looking for a shorter-term commitment. 


ADT monitoring also supports areas with limited cell service by offering a landline option, while SimpliSafe only runs on Wi-Fi or cellular. Another difference is that ADT uses Z-Wave technology, which allows the system to integrate with various smart home devices.


Blue by ADT and SimpliSafe arrive at your home with basic features and pre-programmed sensors that you can install yourself. On the other hand, you can also choose an ADT system like Command and Control if you want professional installation. 


ADT vs SimpliSafe: Differences

  ADT Blue by ADT Simplisafe
Monitoring Communication Options Yes Yes Yes
Early Termination Fees 75% of the monthly service charges due for the balance of the initial contract term

(certain restrictions apply)
No early termination fees with a month-to-month contract option Not Applicable
Theft Protection Guarantee Yes No No

ADT vs SimpliSafe: System Components

ADT and SimpliSafe share some standard system components but differ in a lot of ways, too.

Both ADT and SimpliSafe offer the ability to remotely:

  • Arm and disarm your system via a mobile app.

  • Lock and unlock doors.

  • View live videos and receive instant alerts.

  • Notify you about fire or floods.

  • Use 2-way audio to talk directly to people from your camera or doorbell.

ADT can also do the following remotely:

  • Adjust your smart thermostat to turn on before you get home.

  • Use geofencing technology with your garage door, so it opens when you’re in the driveway.

  • Turn your lights on and off with smart plugs.


ADT vs SimpliSafe: Components

  ADT Blue by ADT Simplisafe
App ADT Control Blue by ADT Home Security
Keypad Touchscreen control panel, secondary touchscreen, secondary push-button keypad Keypad integrated into the base station Wireless push button
Siren Decibel Level Adjustable 85dB Base station: 85dB siren Auxiliary siren: 105dB
Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors Yes; ignores pets up to 80 lb. Yes Yes
Silent Alarm Option or Alarm Duress Code with Pro-Monitoring Yes Yes Yes

ADT vs SimpliSafe: Monitoring and Package Options


ADT professionally-installed packages include 24/7 professional monitoring and a theft protection guarantee, in addition to the ability to customize each package. Each equipment package comes with a yard sign and window decals, too.

  • The Build-You-Own Security System includes door and window sensors and a motion detector, with the option to add CO and fire detectors and additional cameras and sensors.

  • The Smart Package offers the same as the above package and a smart door lock and smart plug for easy beginner’s home automation integration.

  • The Complete Package is an excellent solution if you want a little bit of everything for your home security. It includes all of the above, as well as an outdoor camera and video doorbell camera.

SimpliSafe offers professional set-up that is outsourced to another company at an additional $99 cost. Other features in all of their packages include motion sensors and a 60-day money-back guarantee. They also have window decals and yard signs.

  • The Foundation and Essentials packages include sensors, as well as an easy-to-use push-button keypad. The packages differ in the number of sensors.

  • The Hearth and Knox packages also include a motion sensor, as well as a smoke detector and wireless siren, in varying amounts depending on the package.

  • The Haven includes the same as the above packages but additionally offers a temperature sensor, panic button, and water sensor.



SimpliSafe vs ADT, which should you choose?


SimpliSafe and ADT help protect your home from break-ins, and both companies offer excellent home security systems. They provide a range of features and customizable packages so you can create the perfect security solution for any home. Both offer indoor and outdoor cameras, and doorbell cameras, with the option for 24/7 professional monitoring against fire, CO, and flood.

ADT’s professionally-installed security and automation system is an ideal, well-rounded option. It includes professional installation and robust home automation options, combining the best security features with exceptional customer service and reliability. You don’t have to worry about fixing the equipment yourself, and it’s backed by ADT’s theft protection guarantee, too.

No matter how you swing it, ADT offers customized protection you can trust--for any home and budget.


Frequently Asked Questions About Home Security:

Is ADT worth the money?

ADT offers many options for your individual needs, both pre-configured packages and the ability to customize your home security. ADT also has Blue by ADT, a self-installed security system, making it easier than ever to have home security for any budget.

Do ADT and SimpliSafe require a landline for monitoring?

ADT does not require a landline. However, if you do have one, you can still use ADT. SimpliSafe does not offer any plans that work with a landline since all alarm signals go through broadband or cellular communication paths.

Do you own your ADT equipment?

ADT’s professionally installed equipment is leased from ADT. However, if you opt for Blue by ADT, you can purchase the equipment outright.

Does ADT require a long-term contract?

Professionally-installed ADT systems generally require a 36-month contract (24 months in California), but Blue by ADT allows you to have a month-to-month contract option, so you have flexible security options for any home.







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