With more and more households implementing smart home technology, it’s hard to know which gadgets are truly valuable to your home and safety, and which are purely an added convenience. We have to admit, between the self-roaming vacuum cleaners and smart speakers that keep our grocery lists for us, the extra tech in our lives has certainly made things easier. Of all of these modern devices built to enhance our homes, there’s one device that sticks out as a new staple.

It’s projected that 2019 will see the sale of 3.9 million video doorbells, and 2020 sales will reach 4.55 million, according to Statista. This mass-adoption by homeowners of the handy gadgets is no flimsy trend for the sake of convenience. Video doorbells provide peace of mind, an extra deterrent for criminals, and the ability for you to see what’s going on at your home, even while you’re away. Below, we’ve gathered the top 5 reasons you need a video doorbell for your home.

#1: Your front door is your first line of defense

According to InterNACHI, nearly 34% of burglars enter through the front door. The ADT Video Doorbell Camera can help deter these unwelcome visitors. If someone’s on your property you’ll know quickly, because you get an alert when the motion detector is triggered. You’ll also have the ability to interact in real time: with seamless video via your doorbell camera, you’ll be able to easily see who’s at your door and even talk through the speaker to scare off any potential thieves.

#2: Answer your door from virtually anywhere

Have you ever had guests arrive while you’re out running errands, or tucked comfortably in bed? With the ADT Control app, you can see who’s at the door and roll out the red carpet from the palm of your hand. Once you’ve seen who they are, you can effortlessly arm or disarm your ADT Command security system and lock or unlock your doors—all remotely through the ADT Control app. This negates any need for risky hidden keys or guests waiting around outside after a long day of travel.

#3: The sights and sounds of security

Our doorbell camera’s footage is crisp and clear—with 720p High Definition video featuring de-warping technology. Same goes for audio: our system makes real-time chatting with visitors easy with two-way audio—you can both talk at the same time, just like a phone call!

And nighttime door security is no problem—as the ADT Video Doorbell Camera features infrared LED night-vision technology, allowing you to literally see visitors in the dark. And with the camera’s wide 180° viewing angle, you can see what’s happening around your home—day or night.

#4: Porch pirates beware

With clear video and audio, you can capture everything that happens on your front porch. Are you online shopping for holiday present this year? Now you can confirm when you get packages at your door, and keep an eye on them to make sure they stay put until you can grab them.

Packages aren’t the only things that are vulnerable to porch pirates: potted plants, lawn furniture, even outdoor decorations are at risk. Our doorbells provide a direct line-of-sight, and that 180° wide viewing angle for you to watch out for these treasured items. If you do catch someone in the act of stealing from your front porch, you can save the video to show the police.

And it’s not all about the bad stuff. Was there ever a time that something really great happened on your front porch? A big surprise reunion, your nephew’s first steps? All videos recorded on the ADT Video Doorbell Camera can be saved to your smartphone, so you can relive the moment over and over- in high definition.

#5: Smart-home synthesis

Our ADT Control mobile app gives you control of your security system and smart-home automation devices—right from your smartphone. That means more than just answering the door from your phone: you can also speak directly to visitors via the app through your ADT Video Doorbell Camera. And no matter where you are, whenever the doorbell camera motion sensor is triggered, you’ll get an alert on your phone. Convenience aside, this system allows for you to keep an extra eye on your home and your family from wherever you may be. That’s the kind of added peace of mind that everyone could use.


ADT Video Doorbell Camera customers enjoy all the added convenience and security of this modern technology, backed by expert installation and 24/7 monitoring. And the comprehensive, mobile-accessible, smart-home security system doesn’t have to stop at your front door- Check out our home security systems page to learn more and get the protection you need.

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