Micro homes are affordable and alluring. Their appeal is hard to deny but this recent move towards a new way of living raises questions about home security. How can such a tiny property be safe from unwanted trespassers and burglars?

Without appropriate security measures, micro homes are defenseless to thieves. If you own a micro home, we recommend following these home security tips to protect you and your tiny abode.

Mobile Preparedness

If your micro home has wheels, this is an obvious security weak spot for your property. Wheels mean your home can be easily transported, just like a mobile home. However, this can make a micro home more vulnerable to theft. Thieves could potentially steal your entire home within minutes.

You may think it’s far-fetched for somebody to steal your entire home rather than break in but you should think about your location before dismissing the idea. Thieves seek quick and easy targets and as tiny homes are often located near low traffic areas, somebody could steal your home without anyone witnessing.

Some micro homes are made more vulnerable by their placement in rougher neighborhoods too. To prevent this theft, we recommend clamping your home with wheel locks. You could also put your home on blocks and get a hitch lock to prevent somebody towing it away.

Another risk is that burglars single out homes that are vacant on a regular basis. As not all micro homes can be occupied full-time legally, they will be more attractive to thieves. To protect your micro home, you should invest in home security.

Invest in Video Surveillance

Having video surveillance of your tiny home is essential for a safe micro home experience and peace of mind.

If you’re concerned about your micro home when you’re not around, you can be reassured by camera footage available online on your computer or cell phone where you can view surveillance live or over a specific time period. You don’t need to watch continuously though – you can receive email or text alerts of any suspected disturbances so you can then watch what is happening online.

Smart Solutions

As your home is small, you might consider a DIY security system which has no equipment fees and requires zero money down. Many micro homeowners have built their own tiny home so prefer to do their own labour. This type of system can be installed quickly – sometimes in minutes!

However, smart security solutions are still available for your home – no matter how small. Even with a tiny home under 400 sq. ft., you can still have a system as intelligent as you desire.

A smart home security system can provide you with 24/7 professional monitoring, a touch screen control panel, remote access, smart lighting and even image motion sensors that automatically take a photo of any disturbance and then email you or text you the image.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

As tiny homes can be located in unusual places, it’s important to be aware of the environmental and situational dangers. Your surroundings may look beautiful but are you aware of your location’s risks? For example, if you live in an isolated area with poor phone service, it’s important that you know how to still get help in an emergency.

When you move in, get to know your new neighbours. Simply sharing the experience of living in a micro home should be enough to start the conversation. As you’re likely to be in a less-populated area, it’s a good idea to connect with those you do have around. Befriending neighbours means you can look out for each other and help if someone falls unwell. They could even housesit while you’re away! If everyone nearby knows you they will also be able to identify an intruder in your home.

Your micro home may also be more vulnerable to natural dangers such as storms. Your risk may be increased by the location of your property as well as the build of your home itself. The best preparation advice is to follow what you would do in any other home but you can take extra precautions.

Wheels are a risk here once again so keep them clamped to stop your home rolling in high winds. Be aware of the trees around you and be very careful of falling and fallen branches, even in the aftermath. Take note of any weather alerts and in the event of a storm, always listen to NOAA Weather Radio or to local radio and television stations for instructions on what to do.

The micro homes movement is changing the lives of Americans but although being mortgage-free is a dream for many, the need for home security does not disappear when you downsize. It’s always important to protect your home — big or small!

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