Back in the day…many older home security systems were 'analog' systems that relied on a standard telephone line. These older models used a computer modem. The system would then use your telephone line to notify your home security monitoring center that an intrusion alarm has been signaled. Today’s home security systems go beyond alarm panels, sensors and keypads.

Today’s Smart Security Systems Deliver

What’s driving the change? Advancements in technology and homeowners wanting more from their security systems have led to sweeping changes in security. Today’s smart security systems go beyond traditional home security to provide a new level of control, accessibility and connection. Homeowners of these "smart" security systems are able to utilize features that allow for remote access, at any time and from any location, using a smart phone or personal computer. What’s more, today’s newer systems integrate home automation systems, are customizable to fit busy families schedules and can meet unique needs.

Features Can Include:

  • Arm and disarm your security system remotely.
  • Easily automate lights or change them remotely for your arrival.
  • Adjust the thermostat to help save on utility bills or to have a comfortable environment to greet the kids when they return.
  • Access appliances like the coffeemaker or set schedules to automate them.
  • Set up your system to get notifications through email, text, phone or real-time video clips of alarms.
  • Receive email or text message of selected events.
  • See who’s at the door, what your pet is doing or watch as the kids come home, from your phone, computer or mobile device.
  • View stored video clips of events from monitored areas of the home.

Home Automation Systems Let You Stay Connected

Connectivity and interactivity are driving the way families live and manage their homes. So while we are expected to be in more places due to business travel, children’s school schedules and social activities, these new smart systems provide cutting edge connectivity to your household, even when you’re far away. And when the house is occupied, the high level of automation enables more convenience, control and safety from any part of your property. It all adds up to fewer worries and increased enjoyment of life, which is something we would all welcome.

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