One of the most vulnerable components of the security system at your home is the telephone or digital voice line that provides primary communication between your system and ADT’s Customer Monitoring Centers. That’s why we offer you a backup solution – Safewatch Cellguard®.

In the event of a telephone or digital voice line outage, Safewatch Cellguard can transmit alarm signals to an ADT Customer Monitoring Center through a cellular network, helping prevent a lapse in your security service. Safewatch Cellguard can help back up the ADT security system if your telephone or digital voice service is disrupted due to:

  • Storms
  • Accidents
  • Fallen lines
  • Construction
  • Cut lines
  • Other communication-provider issues

Safewatch Cellguard can also serve as the sole means of communication between your home and ADT’s network of interconnected Customer Monitoring Centers, which can save you money if you decide to cancel your landline phone.

FAQs about Safewatch CellGuard

Q:    How does Safewatch Cellguard work?
A:    In the event of a telephone or digital voice line outage, or if the phone line associated with the alarm panel is not functioning properly, Safewatch Cellguard can transmit signals through a cellular transmission wireless network.

Q:    Is Safewatch Cellguard active when  phone lines are working?
A:    No. The use of Safewatch Cellguard does not preclude the use of the telephone line. The phone line will remain the primary means of communication.

Q:    Is Safewatch Cellguard always a backup method of alarm system communication?
A:    No. Safewatch Cellguardcan be installed as the security system’s sole or primary means of communication with ADT’s Customer Monitoring Centers. Local restrictions apply. Your ADT Representative can provide you information to help you determine the appropriate home security system configuration.

Q:    Does Safewatch Cellguard work in the event of a power outage?
A:    Yes, this is another important benefit of Safewatch Cellguard.

Q:     Do I have to sign a cellular contract?
A:     No contract is necessary other than ADT Residential Services Contract. There is no need to set up any cellular service with a third-party supplier.

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