Stay close to home – even from half a world away

Enjoy the vacay. We’ve got you covered.
Leave your worries behind when you travel
ADT works around the clock to help ensure your home stays the way you left it — so you can focus on your itinerary.
Open the door from afar.
Answer the door from 35,000 ft. in the air
Need the cat fed while you're away? Our video doorbells, smart locks and the ADT Control app make it easy to manage access.
Keep an eye out, day or night.
Get the big picture during your big getaway
Stay in the know about what goes on at home with HD security cameras — all through your smartphone and the ADT Control app.

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Smart Home Security

The ADT smart security system is integrated with the ADT Control app, which lets you remotely manage fire and intrusion alerts, smart locks and automations.


ADT command panel, ADT cellular app, and ADT smoke alarm against a red background

Video Security Cameras

Check in on your home anytime, and even see who’s at the front door with our HD security cameras — all through your smartphone and the ADT Control app.


Livestream monitoring icon of video camera, motion detector icon of a person moving, and HD icon of a video camera

ADT indoor camera in white, ADT doorbell, and ADT indoor camera in black against a pink background

Smart Home Automation

Flew out the door to catch your flight? Lock it from the tarmac with the ADT Control app, which lets you remotely manage smart lights, thermostats and more.


Alerts icon of someone viewing the ADT SoSecure app notifications, smart home icon of a house inside a circle, programmable icon of someone arming their house through the ADT app

ADT smart thermostat, ADT smart lock, and ADT lightbulb against a green background

Identity Theft Protection

If you spend time on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, you can be vulnerable to identity theft. ADT alerts you to suspicious activity right away, so you can act quickly.


Digital security icon of a lock over a computer screen, ID alerts icon of cell phone notifications through the ADT app, and fraud resolution icon of an ADT notification about fraud attempts

Women using her ADT cellphone app to view fraud and identity alerts

ADT SoSecure

SoSecure lets you discreetly contact ADT if you’re in danger or feel unsafe. Plus, with TrackMe activity tracking and Live Monitoring Agent, you can have ADT and your Guardians keep an eye out for you if you’re walking to your car, out for a run or on that first date.


Emergency SOS icon of someone using the ADT SoSecure cellphone app, activity tracker icon of a location pin on a road, and a live agent monitoring icon of an ADT speicalist with headphones assisting a customer over the phone

Three cell phones displaying saftey features of the SoSecure app against a blue background

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