Introducing ADT Go with Crime Maps

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Click a Dot. Get Crime Details.

Each dot on the map represents a crime in your area. Click on the dot to get details, including day and time, and the type of crime: theft, burglary, vandalism and more. You can even see info on registered sex offenders in your area.

Tip: Create a Neighborhood Watch Team

Don’t wait for National Night out. Get to know your neighbors now if you don’t already. Exchange contact information and notify each other of any suspicious behavior or activity in the area.

SOS Emergency Response

With ADT Go SOS Emergency Response, you and your family members are just one button away from help in an emergency.

If you or a family member feels threatened or has an emergency, just press and hold the SOS button to notify ADT. Our monitoring professionals are standing by 24/7 to help. If we receive an alert, we’ll call to see if you’re okay. If you need help or don’t respond, we’ll dispatch emergency responders quickly. We also provide live support 24/7, so we’re always here if you need us.

Tip: Identify “Safe Places” for Your Kids

Whether your kids are walking home from school or a friend’s house, they should have a short list of safe places to go in an emergency. This could be a neighbor’s house, the local police station, the library or even a local store you frequent. You can use the maps in ADT Go to identify these places so your kids can find them more easily, and check in when they get there. And make sure your neighborhood watch team knows where these safe places are, too.

Location Sharing

Keeping track of all your family members throughout a busy day can be a challenge. ADT Go makes it a whole lot easier. You can set up private maps for your family and then use our real-time GPS location data to see where your family members are at any given time. And once they arrive at their destination – whether it’s at work, school, the store or back at home – they can check in, which triggers a notification that’s sent to your phone, so you know your family member has arrived safely.

Tip: Establish Safe Zones

Use Maps in ADT Go to identify areas where your kids are okay to go throughout the neighborhood. And also make them aware of areas that are best to avoid. Are there roads they shouldn’t cross or areas where they may not be safe? Make sure your kids know to avoid them.

Driver Safety

ADT Go gives you another level of safety out on the road, which is especially comforting if you have new and young drivers in your family. With automatic crash detection, if a crash is detected, we’ll receive a notification and contact the family member who was involved to see if they need help. If they do or we don’t get an answer, we’ll dispatch emergency responders quickly.

You can also get a window into your family members’ driving habits with multi-point safe driving analyses. See how fast they’re going, if they’re using their phones while they drive and even if they experienced any episodes of hard braking.

And if they ever have problems out on the road, we also provide 24/7 roadside assistance in case of a flat, dead battery or other incident.

Tip: Encourage Device-Free Driving

If your phones have a Do Not Disturb setting for driving, be sure it’s enabled so that family members won’t be distracted by texts or calls while driving, and people trying to contact them will know they’re behind the wheel.

†Crash detection may not detect 100% of automobile crashes. For ADT Go features to work, your phone must be on, powered, and fully functional.

Feel Safer – Everywhere

ADT believes you should feel safe, whether you’re at home or out and about. With ADT Go, now you can. It’s FREE* to ADT customers. Learn more about ADT Go in the Help Center.

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