Was my account accessed?

We are currently working with the 220 Dallas-area customers whose accounts may have been accessed by this former employee, in addition to continuing a thorough review of all ADT customer accounts. After an investigation into the matter which revealed the unauthorized access, we terminated the employee and reported him to law enforcement.  We’re committed to working with law enforcement to support them in whatever they need to help bring justice to the victims of this former employee.


How do I manage users on my account?

We encourage all of our customers to verify that only authorized emails are included on their ADT accounts, which can be verified through the ADT web portal.

If you need additional assistance in verifying authorized emails and users to your account you can visit our FAQ pages for ADT Control or ADT Pulse for a step by step walk through.


Need a visual? Check out our videos for ADT Control and ADT Pulse for instructions on how to add, edit, and remove user access with ease.
ADT Control
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