Personal protection at the tips of your fingers.

Personal protection at your fingertips.

You deserve to live your life on your terms, and should always feel safe in your home. If an emergency arises, the simple press of a button will notify dedicated response personnel, who can work to alert medical personnel immediately on your behalf. A team member will even stay on with you until help arrives. You deserve to live life on your terms, and we can help.

How it works

When an alarm signal is received from the personal emergency response system, you can count on a caring monitoring professional to deliver fast response to both you and the appropriate response agency.

Step 1. Alarm Triggered

Step 1. 24/7 Monitoring

Powerful technology provides you with fast response protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Step 2. ADT Response

Step 2.Alarm Triggered

No matter the time of day, at the first sign of trouble simply press the button on either your waterproof wristband or pendant. A monitoring professional will be there to speak with you over the 2-way intercom. Fall Detection can automatically signal for help without the call button being pressed.

Step 3. Call from an ADT Representative

Step 3. Fast Response

A caring professional will confirm whether you are ok or in need of assistance. If there is an emergency, the appropriate responder (police, fire department, or emergency personnel) will be contacted to dispatch assistance to your home immediately.

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Be inspired by our customers

ADT takes pride in using the most advanced technology, having a fast response time and staffing well-trained security professionals to provide our customers with the best home security service. But you don’t have to take our word for it—listen to what actual ADT customers have to say.

Medical Alarm System

Medical Alarm System

95-year-old Margaret McCreery has been an ADT Home Health Services customer since 2010 and has had ADT home protection for 15 years. On May 24, 2013, she was with her five-year-old great-grandson, George, when she fell and cut her head. As Margaret held up her hands to stop the heavy bleeding, she blocked access to the emergency pendant around her neck. Unable to reach it, George ran over to the nearby base unit and pushed the big red button. Through the device’s two-way voice feature, ADT team member Deborah Kirkland immediately got on the line from ADT’s monitoring center in Knoxville and asked if everything was okay. In reply, George said that his great-grandma was bleeding and asked her to send help. Deborah then called local 911 and paramedics quickly arrived to transport Margaret to the hospital where she received 30 stitches. Her doctor and family all agree that without ADT, George’s heroic actions and the swift response of paramedics, Margaret could have died.

Margaret McCreery and Family


Two-Way Voice Intercom

Two-Way Voice Intercom

Press the button on the wristband or pendant and a caring professional will speak with you through a powerful two-way voice intercom.

Fall Detection Pendant

Fall Detection Pendant

The pendant takes just under a minute to determine whether a fall has occurred. Fall Detector is compatible with the 3G Medical Alert System only.

Wristband and Pendant

Wristband and Pendant

The personal help button is 100% waterproof, and can be worn as a wristband or pendant.

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Get an ADT Medical Alert System and help yourself or someone you love maintain their independence.

Medical Alarm System



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AARP Member Benefit

AARP Member Benefit

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