Home Security Systems - Pet Safety Solutions

Show your unconditional love with home security solutions that help you supervise, protect and safeguard your cherished companion.

Providing Rapid Response for Your Pets in an Emergency.


When your pet is home alone, ADT home security is there to detect fire, smoke and carbon monoxide the moment they appear. ADT can alert emergency response and you immediately so help can arrive to your home quickly.

Watch over Your Pet While You're Away from Home


Surveillance cameras give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is safe and happy at home. Remotely access live streaming video and recorded video events using your smartphone, tablet or web-enabled computer.



Care for Them Even When You Can't Be Home


With smart home automation, you can adjust the thermostat to keep the temperature comfortable, turn your lights on or off and keep your pets safe when they're home, all from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Home Control System Products

Wireless Video Camera

Video Camera

See video of your home from any compatible web-enabled computer, mobile device or touchscreen.

Fire & Smoke Detector

Fire and Smoke Detector

Sophisticated smoke and heat detector that enables a trained ADT professional to notify the fire department of a possible fire at your home, whether or not you’re there.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide

Detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide within your home and sounds the alarm while simultaneously alerting ADT to summon assistance.


Sophie's Story

Sophie accidentally started a house fire. She couldn't call 911, but ADT mobile alerts helped her owner save her life.