Smoke Detector

Sounds and sends an alert to your smartphone when it senses smoke.

Smoke Detector Smoke Detector


Smoke Detector

Sounds and sends an alert to your smartphone when it senses smoke.

Instant smartphone smoke alerts

Works with your ADT system and ADT+ app to send alerts to your smartphone when smoke is detected in your home.*

Audible smoke alarm

The sensor sounds a loud alarm when smoke is detected to help protect your home and loved ones from fire and smoke.

Long battery life

Have peace of mind knowing the detector has a long battery life. It uses a CR123A battery with a 2-year operating life depending on usage.

LED status indicator

Know if the detector is alarming, on standby, operating regularly and if it has a low battery based on its LED lights.

Quickly test your detector to ensure it’s working

Use the smoke detector’s alarm test button to help you make sure its siren is working.

Smoke detctor on a household roof

Know if someone tampers with your smoke detector

Help your home stay protected from smoke and fire. Get an alert on your smartphone if your smoke detector is disabled.

Woman on a bike using her ADT app

Ensure proper placement with flexible mounting

The smoke detector's battery-powered feature allows you to conveniently mount the device anywhere in your home that needs protection.

Man in kitchen using the ADT command panel

Smoke detector offers these additional features: 

Smoke Detector offers these additional features:

24/7 professional monitoring

Get peace of mind with around-the-clock monitoring by the professionals at ADT’s 9 interconnected monitoring centers.

Easy self-setup

The detector is easy to set up and mounting hardware is included.

ADT+ app

Get instant alerts about smoke alarms at your home via the ADT+ app, whether you’re at home or on the go.

product specs

Smoke Detector


3.82 x 1.65 in. (97.03 x 41.91mm)

Operating Temperature

C40° to 100°F (4.4° to 37.8° C), at 10% to 95% humidity

Storage Temperature

14°F to 40°F


CR123A battery powered (2-year operating life depending on use)


CDECT/ULE connection to Smart Home Hub

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