Faster response from 911 centers

Introducing ADT’s SMART Monitoring platform. Alarm Messenger lets you quickly verify alarms via text message. Then, ADT sends your alarms electronically so they reach 911 centers 8x faster*. You get a faster response – when every second counts.

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The FCC estimates that roughly 10,000 more lives could be saved each year if 911 centers arrived just one minute earlier*.

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Here's how your alarm gets to 911 centers faster

ADT Alarm Messenger makes verifying an emergency or canceling a false alarm as quick and easy as answering a text.

Step 1. Press Button

Press the Request Police button in Alarm Messenger to verify your alarm. You can even chat with your emergency contacts before you verify.

Step 2. Customer Service Response

An ADT agent sends your verified alarm electronically, so you’re connected to 911 8X faster.

Step 3. Send Help

ADT-verified alarms are prioritized for faster emergency response over any unverified alarms in your area.

Your alarms reach 911 8X faster*
and you get help sooner

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Get the help you need, sooner

Most alarm companies verify alarms via phone, which can delay response times. But ADT has access to the largest network for electronic transmission of verified alarms to 911 centers. So when you verify an alarm with Alarm Messenger, it reaches 911 centers faster and is given the same priority as direct 911 calls.

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Reduce costly false alarms

Alarm Messenger makes it easy to cancel a false alarm. In fact, our data shows that it’s already reduced the number of 911 responses to false alarms for ADT customers by more than 50%.

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Help 911 centers help you

After verifying the alarm, ADT Alarm Messenger lets you share critical information about your emergency with your ADT agent, who will then pass it along to 911. That means 911 centers will already have potentially life-saving details about your emergency when they arrive.

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Alarm Messenger is just one piece of ADT’s SMART Monitoring platform

To help enable faster responses, ADT is developing SMART (System Monitoring and Response Technology) Monitoring. It uses data from security devices, and audio and video from security cameras, to help quickly verify alarms and provide critical information. So ADT customers will be a higher priority for 911 centers.

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