What Can You Do With Temperature Control?

  • Change your home's temperature right from your app.

  • Schedule your thermostat settings when your home's empty to help lower energy costs.

  • Create an emergency fire automation that turns off your thermostat and slows the circulation of smoke.

  • Set ideal maximum and minimum temperatures for your home.


Z-Wave Wireless
Digital Thermostat
  • Connects to your ADT Pulse® Wireless Network

  • Adjustable Blue/White Backlight for Easy Viewing

  • 128 X 64 Graphical Display

  • Supports Remote Temperature Control and Scheduling for Proper Energy Management

  • Compatible with Standard HVAC Systems and Heat Pumps

  • Temperature Setting Range from 32 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ADT offer a remote-control thermostat?

Yes, ADT offers a remote control Z-Wave thermostat. It can be included with select ADT Pulse® home automation packages. Additional thermostats can be purchased through ADT, who will also coordinate their installation.

What kind of control will I have over my home’s temperature with my thermostat?

You can remotely automate, schedule, monitor and adjust your home’s temperature.

How does the thermostat work?

Our remote control thermostat will replace your existing thermostat. It can either use battery power or be connected to an AC adapter or get power from your HVAC system.

*Energy savings vary based on usage and other factors.