Our video surveillance features let you keep an eye on what’s happening at your business

Video surveillance lets you survey the visible landscape of your business with high-quality security cameras and keep your employees, assets and properties protected.

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Secure Video

With data encryption and security technology comparable to that used in online banking, we ensure that your data and privacy are always protected.

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Business Video Access

Access your video surveillance systems from anywhere inside your business location and experience the benefits of real-time security monitoring.

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Remote Video Access

Keep a close eye on the real-time activities of your business with remote access, all securely from your computer or compatible tablet and mobile devices.

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Video Recording

Record and store digital video surveillance linked with relevant triggering events.

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Email Notifications

Stay informed even when you can’t monitor the video cameras with rapid email alerts sent at the first sign of trouble.**

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Motion Detection

Secure your business day or night with detection that responds immediately to motion and sends you notifications of security alerts.

Video Surveillance Products

Our video surveillance products deliver the latest technology and let you create custom solutions to best monitor and secure your business.

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Wireless Camera

With ADT Pulse® wireless cameras, video surveillance monitoring becomes business-wide security management. For example, monitor all your exterior doors to ensure they’re locked and the security system is armed after-hours.

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Indoor Color Camera

Video surveillance is all about the details. Our high-resolution color cameras lets you capture the best possible video regardless of lighting so that your business is protected even if a break-in occurs.

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Dome Camera

Get the entire picture with our 360 degree viewing dome cameras. Mount dome cameras virtually anywhere and immediately see the promise of clear, crisp video quality, even in areas of low light.

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Digital Video Recorder

Our digital video DVR helps ensure that you can store the most video in the least amount of space. Access high-quality video and sound that can be captured from all of your cameras at the same time.

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Quad Splitter

Our quad splitters allow you to leverage efficient multi-video viewing opportunities for up to four surveillance devices.

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Video Duplicator

Enable security managers throughout your business to monitor the same video feed from separate monitors with the video duplicator.

Get video surveillance with ADT Pulse® Interactive Solution

Get a custom video surveillance package with the ADT Pulse® service and experience the benefits of our interactive and fully automated businesses security solution.

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ADT Pulse®

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