Protect Your Data and Networks

1 in 5 Small Businesses Get Hacked

The threats to your business extend well beyond someone sneaking in your back door, to intruders hacking their way in through your back-end systems. ADT cybersecurity solutions can help protect your systems, networks and customer data from getting hacked.

Nearly 60% of small businesses that are victims of cyber crimes closed permanently within 6 months of attack.*

*According to the National Cyber Security Alliance. Read more here

Recognize the Cyber Threats to Your Business


Malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until you pay a “ransom.”


Intrusive software designed to disable your computers, destroy data or hijack your networks.


A type of malware that’s disguised as legitimate software, designed to damage your computer.


Usually done via email, criminals pose as a legitimate company to gain access to your financial data.

Destroyed Data

When you lose all your data because you don’t have any backup or disaster recovery solution.

Privacy Breaches

When personal information is accessed, used or disclosed without authorization.

Every Device Is a Potential Entry Point

Think of all the ways you, your employees and even your customers access your networks and data. Phones, tablets, computers and even Wi-Fi networks all become potential avenues for entry into your networks and the data they store and transmit. Comprehensive protection for all these devices is essential to a healthy business.

How ADT Manages Cybersecurity

Professional System Installation

Our cyber experts assess your security needs and install a solution that covers your network.

Fast Response

If there’s an attempted breach, we immediately move to stop it and keep you from getting hacked.


With cloud-based backups, we can help restore your data if you ever need it.

24/7 Monitoring

We keep a close eye on your networks day and night to quickly spot cyber attacks.

Automatic System Updates

When there’s an update to your security software, we push it out to you automatically.

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ADT Cybersecurity Relies on Four Security Components


Network security acts as a virtual perimeter wall for your business, preventing hackers from coming through a back door to your network and grabbing data.


Virus protection constantly scans your network, blocking viruses from the Internet, malware, infected viruses and even covert USB drives placed onto your network to steal data.

Guest Wi-Fi

You want to offer your guests Wi-Fi, but they also expect it to be secure. Our solution creates a guest network completely separate from your business network, protecting both them and your business.

Cloud Backup

Disasters happen, both physical and virtual. With automated offsite cloud backup, your data is protected and easily recovered so you can reduce downtime.

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