An ADT internal investigation revealed improper behavior by a Dallas, Texas-area ADT service employee. Our investigation revealed that during a service visit, one of our Dallas-area technicians had added his personal email address to this customer’s account to gain unauthorized access, and he had done the same thing during service visits with other customers in the Dallas area.  


What happened?

ADT has learned that a Dallas, Texas-area ADT service employee abused his system access during service appointments by adding his personal email to 220 ADT customer accounts. This unauthorized access was immediately revoked when it was discovered.  We also notified law enforcement. The unauthorized access would have allowed the former employee to operate within the impacted customers’ ADT site apps as a verified user. This violates ADT protocol and policy and was not required to properly service a customer. We deeply regret this incident and any loss of trust experienced by customers who may have been impacted.


How did it happen? 

Our investigation revealed that an ADT Pulse service mode function was abused by the former service employee to add his personal email address to customer accounts during scheduled service appointments. This action is neither necessary nor permitted, and the ability for this to happen is being removed in the next software update. 


Have you notified law enforcement?

Yes. We have notified law enforcement and will cooperate fully with their investigation. We are committed to seeing that individual fully prosecuted under the law.


Did this issue only affect Dallas, Texas, area customers? 

At this point, we are aware of this former employee in the Dallas, Texas, area. Our investigation is ongoing, and we are continuing a thorough review of all ADT customer accounts.