Learn more about our commitment to our employees and the community we serve.

LifeSaver Videos


At ADT, we work to save lives. Learn from real customers about how our security and home health solutions have been true lifesavers.



As the largest in our industry, we understand that with scale comes the need to be environmentally responsible. We continue to take steps to help reduce our carbon footprint and work to enhance our company’s environmental sustainability.

Protecting Our People


As a leading security company, we understand the importance of ensuring the highest quality of safety and health for our employees, and we regularly track our progress to make continued improvements to protect our people.

ADT Always Cares


Above and beyond protecting our customers and employees, we continually work to better our communities and promote social responsibility around the country. We believe this helps both those around us and reflects one of our core values within our people: Service.

ADT At A Glance

ADT at a Glance


Our mission to do good is, of course, just part of what differentiates us as America’s #1 provider of home security systems. You can learn more about ADT at a glance when you read about our history, offerings, ethical approach to dealer licenses and the ADT Code of Conduct we operate by. Contact ADT now.