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In honor of their military service, USAA members received special, member-only benefits from ADT, America's 1st choice for home security.

10% Off Monthly

Save 10% every month off any ADT monitoring package of your choice.*

50% Off

Save 50% installation of any ADT system, including 10% off additional equipment or add-ons.*


Typically a 48 hour turnaround on system repairs.*

Military Deployment

Deploying USAA members, with an existing ADT agreement, receive a three month credit of basic monitoring service.*

*36-month monitoring contract required. For terms and conditions click here.

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Control Your Home Security with ADT Mobile App

The ADT Mobile App is the smart solution that combines home security with home automation at an affordable price. You can arm and disarm your home’s security system, control the lights or watch live security video from anywhere on your tablet or smartphone.

  • 24/7 fast response burglary and theft monitoring

  • Arm and disarm your home security system

  • Receive text or email alert when the door is locked or unlocked

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Without monitored smoke detectors, my dog Fiona would not have had a chance."

– Amber Cooper - Anaheim CA

FAQs and ADT Contact Information for USAA Members

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions regarding ADT services for USAA Members. If your questions or concerns are not addressed below, please call 800.453.5716 and an ADT representative will be happy to assist you. Return to USAA Home Page.

What are the special benefits for USAA members when I sign-up with ADT?

USAA members can always save 10% off ADT’s standard pricing for installation, PLUS 10% off monitoring fees every month; or Members can choose from any of the current ADT market offers. ADT is proud to offer Members who are in active deployment a special 3-month monitoring credit. USAA Members also receive special service timeframes: ADT endeavors to provide USAA Members with service appointments within 48-hours.

I am interested in home automation – does ADT offer this service? How difficult is it to add to additional devices to the system?

ADT offers integrated security and home automation through the ADT Command. With ADT mobile app, you can remotely arm and disarm your system, view secure, real-time video, and control your lights, thermostats, and garage door – from almost anywhere, all from your smart-phone, tablet or computer. And your system can easily expand as your needs change. Some devices, such as lamp controllers, simply plug into existing electrical outlets while others may require professional installation, but ADT is always there to help you.

How do I know if my home requires a hard-wired or wireless security system?

A wireless system will work in most homes. A hardwired system requires knowledge of construction techniques and the ability to install wiring. For example, most homes with no basement, limited attic access or cathedral ceilings are not good candidates for a hardwired system. ADT offers advanced wireless technology, including systems that require not drilling into walls, to meet your customized needs.

What does a cellular alarm transmitter do? Does ADT offer options for alarm communication?

​A cellular alarm transmitter sends alarm signals to ADT’s Customer Monitoring Centers through wireless cellular networks. For customers with a standard telephone line who want an extra layer of protection (e.g. in the event regular phone service is disrupted due to construction, power failure, cut or downed lines), or who don’t have a landline, the cellular alarm transmitter can send signals to ADT's Customer Monitoring Centers. ADT can also support certain VOIP systems, and for certain services, ADT also utilizes your broadband internet connection.

Do I need an alarm permit and/or do I need to register my alarm?

Requirements for alarm permits vary based on the physical location of your home.  Different municipalities and emergency service responders have local jurisdictional rules. Visit your local police department’s website to obtain registration and renewal details. After your ADT security service is installed, it’s easy to provide up-to-date alarm permit information to ADT. Send your permit number and expiration date to:

I have a pet. Will that affect my installation?

Pets will not typically affect your security system installation. They may affect the security system design and the type of equipment used in your home. Your local ADT sales representative will be able to explain your options concerning your specific application. ADT has special solutions that can give you extra peace of mind as a pet owner, such as monitoring for fire, smoke and high levels of carbon monoxide, and remote, secure video that allows you to check in on your pet.

If I have another company’s equipment, can I still sign up with ADT and take advantage of special benefits for USAA members?

Yes, in most cases. Provided you are not currently under contract with another monitoring company, that you own the system and ADT deems your system to be compatible and in acceptable condition, ADT will be able to activate and monitor your equipment.

How can I determine what my total installation costs will be?

When you call ADT, a professional security advisor will work with you to determine your unique needs. If you wish, this can include a FREE, no obligation visit to your home for a complete, personalized security and safety review. Your estimated installation charges will be outlined for you after the customized consultation, and you will be able to make adjustments based on the recommendations from your review.

I've received notice of deployment or have been deployed, how can I obtain my 3-month military deployment credit?

Deployments credits may be requested by calling 800.600.5181.

I am moving; can I bring my system with me?

​ADT typically does not move systems from one house to another. However, ADT provides special Mover’s offers and discounts that may be applied towards installation of an ADT system at your new residence; the amount of the eligible discount increases based on your tenure with ADT.

Use of the term “member” or “membership” refers to membership in USAA Membership Services and does not convey any legal or ownership rights in USAA.
Restrictions apply and are subject to change. USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates.