Health & Medical Alert FAQs

In-Home Solutions:

Medical Alert Basic is an in-home base station which connects via traditional phone line. This system features high/low temperature monitoring which helps detects unsafe temperatures.

ADT Medical Alert Basic System

Medical Alert Plus is our in-home base station which connects via cellular connection. This system allows mobility around the users’ home up to 600 feet range and features high/low temperature monitoring.

ADT Medical Alert Plus System


Mobile Solution:

Our On-The-Go Emergency Response is a light, portable and mobile system designed for our most active users. It is equipped with GPS capabilities and can pinpoint a user’s location anywhere, anytime.

ADT On The Go Emergency Response Medical Alert System

There are 2 main pieces that all our systems come with. The first is a base station. This communicates with our monitoring center in the event of an emergency. All base stations offer 2-way voice and have an average of 15 seconds or less for the response time. The second piece of equipment is a waterproof pendant or wristband the user would wear. In the event of an emergency, they would push the button built into our pendants and wristbands. Once they push the button it would alert our monitoring center and we would communicate over the base station by asking if they need first responders. When the user responds they can ask for help or let us know it was a false alarm. In the event we don’t hear a response over the speaker or if the user says help is required, we immediately alert first responders.

Press Button: Press the personal help button to send an emergency alert to ADT. Fall detection pendants can automatically send an alert if a fall occurs.

*Fall detection pendant does not detect 100% of falls.

We Respond: ADT senior-sensitivity-trained monitoring professionals will communicate using two-way voice to see if help is needed.