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Managing and monitoring your business can be simple with the help of these answers and tips.

1. Can I get ADT Pulse for my business?

Yes, ADT Pulse is available for businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Now you can monitor your business with web-enabled devices, easily arm and disarm your system, receive alerts on activities within your business and watch video of employees and customers. Visit to learn more.

Watch this video to learn more.

2. How can I view events in my business with ADT Pulse?

You can access the history or view events either using your computer or mobile device. Refer to the Web Portal User Guide if you want to access this information with your computer. Refer to the Mobile User Guide if you want to access this information with your mobile device.

3. How do I replace or fix my motion detectors in my business location?

Not every ADT system is the same. To ensure you follow the correct repair or replacement procedure, refer to your business security manual. To replace your motion detectors, call the business service number on the Contact ADT page.

4. How do I order a replacement battery for my business alarm system?

You can log into and visit the Overview page. Then, click the Replace Battery tab. There you can order your replacement battery from ADT for your business.

5. How long will my event history be available for review?

You can view your event history for up to 30 days. To view your event history, log into, select My Alarm, then Activity & Reports and choose the event type you want to review.

6. How do I test my alarm or zones, or set the alarm when I'm not at my business location?

The process of testing zones varies, and depends on which system is installed in your business. Refer to your business security manual for specific instructions about the ADT system installed in your business. Only ADT Pulse business customers can set alarms when they are away from their business location. If you are a Pulse business customer, you can learn how to set the alarm by logging in to your Pulse web portal.

7. How do I change the security code for the alarm system on my keypad?

Not every ADT system is the same. This means that there are several different ways to change and alter your security code. Refer to your business security manual to learn how to adjust employee access to workplace areas.

10. What is video verification?

Video verification or video alarm verification (VAV) is the pairing of alarm signals with video footage of the event that is triggering the alarm. It allows the operator from one of our 10 state-of-the-art video monitoring centers to see what is activating the alarm. 

Our extensive alarm response expertise, together with video verified alarm monitoring technologies, can help provide quicker response and more comprehensive protection for your business. Learn more about ADT's video verification here.

11. How does video verification work?

ADT video verification service adds an additional layer of protection to your property by delivering alarm event video clips to our central station and the customer. With notification of a coYnfirmed crime in progress, local authorities have the information they need to respond quickly - helping reduce losses to property and assets while increasing probability of criminal apprehension. 

Video verification service adds an additional layer of protection to your property. Once an event is triggered, your camera records the event and your local authorities gets notified with the information they need to respond quickly. Learn more about ADT's video verification here.

12. Do I need to upgrade my current equipment?

Yes, if you do not already have Pulse Video, then video verification is an easy upgrade that will allow you receive video clips of alarm events at the same time as the ADT video monitoring center and quickly determine if the alarm was the result of human error or criminal activity. 

If you are already a Pulse Video Customer, then no additional equipment is required for Pulse Video Verification Service.

13. Can video verification be self-monitored?

You will receive video clips of alarm events at the same time as our monitoring center and quickly determine if the alarm was the result of human error or criminal activity. In the event there is a crime in progress, our professionally trained staff will notify both you and law enforcement.

14. How do I reconnect my business to ADT?

Activate an ADT System
If your new office or store location included an ADT security system when you moved in, activating your previously installed ADT security system is easy. Start by completing the online form. We'll schedule an appointment to review your current security system, as your needs may not be the same as the previous business that occupied your space. In most cases, we can reconnect you within just a few days; some locations may be activated immediately. 

Activate another brand system
If you have another brand system that is not being monitored and want activation, ADT can monitor most types of security systems. ADT can evaluate the system prior to arranging activation. This allows us to serve you better because we know the type and condition of the system. You can select a convenient time for this evaluation. Just complete the convenient online form and an ADT representative will contact you to provide more information and arrange an appointment. 

If you have any questions, please call ADT at 800-238-7887 to schedule an appointment.

15. Can I refer ADT Security Services to a business colleague?

Yes, as a registered ADT advocate, you are invited to participate in our ADT Refer a Friend Program. When you refer friends, relatives or neighbors to ADT through our referral program and they install an ADT security system and make their first payment, you will receive a $100 Visa gift card. It’s that easy! 

You can refer friends and family members to ADT through either sharing a link via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or printable flyer. These referrals are generated through For more information, visit our Refer A Friend FAQ page.

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