My Account FAQs

To reset your ADT Pulse app password, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ADT Pulse App and select "I Forgot My Password."
  2. Verify the email address is correct, select "Reset Password" then sign into your email account.
  3. Open the email and select the link to "Reset Your ADT Pulse Password."
  4. Enter your username and select "Continue."
  5. Please answer the "Three Security Questions."
  6. Your ADT Pulse Password is now reset.

To reset your MyADT password, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Account login page.
  2. Select "Forgot Your Password?" under the login.
  3. Select "Email" to have a password reset email sent to your email address, or select "Security Question" to reset your password and bypass the email completely.
  4. Enter the address used when registering at and click "Verify."
  5. A link will be sent to your email with instructions on resetting your password.
  6. You will then be prompted to setup your new MyADT Security Question.

You can update account information on by logging into and selecting the My Account tab. 

You can manage your verbal security password by logging into, selecting the My Alarm tab from the overview page, and then clicking on Verbal Passwords Verbal Passwords from the left hand menu. If you edit the box labeled “Password can manage the location,” anyone who knows this security password will have full administrative access to that account, both online and when calling ADT Customer Care. 

A verbal security password is the “word” or code that you provide to ADT over the phone in order to identify yourself. They are also known as verbal passwords or PICs. All verbal security passwords must adhere to the following guidelines: must be a maximum of 10 characters in length, no spaces, alphanumeric characters only (no special characters allowed), no words that could cause confusion during an emergency situation, such as “help” or “fire”, and avoid using inappropriate or offensive words. 

To make changes to your call list, log into, select the My Account tab located on the overview page, and then click on the My Contacts link from the left hand menu. Do not forget to inform new contacts on your call list what to do in case they receive a call from ADT. All contacts should have access to your premises, a valid personal identification code, and a current United States phone number. When traveling away from your home or office, use our Travel Reminders to remember to update your emergency contact list. 

You can find the date and timeframe for which your appointment is scheduled by logging into, selecting the My Account tab, and then clicking on Service Appointments from the left hand menu. We are unable to provide you with an exact time as there is no way to determine exactly how long the technician's earlier appointments may take to complete.

If you have a service call scheduled and need to reschedule it for another date, log into, select the My Account tab, and then click on Service Appointments from the left hand menu. 

Your time is important and our technicians strive to arrive promptly as scheduled. If we miss an appointment and have not contacted you, please call the residential or business support number located on our Contact ADT page.

Before going out of town there are several steps you should take to maximize your home or business security. Before you head out, be sure to sign up for our helpful Travel Reminders and to update your Emergency Contact list. Remember, you may be travelling with people on your current emergency contact list, so it is important to make sure everyone on your list is in town and aware of their personal validation code.  You can manage your verbal security password by selecting the My Alarm tab from the overview page and then clicking on Verbal Passwords from the left hand menu. 

Our ADT movers website has these special moving offers:

Existing Customer - if you have ADT and you want to take it with you,
New Customer - if you don't have ADT but you know you should,
Reactivate - if you have an existing system in your new house and you want to activate it.

In addition to your ADT Security system, we have tips to keep you safe as you settle into a new neighborhood:

  • Locate Emergency Services in case you need the police, fire or EMS quickly.
  • Identify a neighbor to help in case of an emergency.
  • Establish home safety rules for children and visitors.
  • Be discreet with expensive purchases and do not leave large boxes on the curb that might lurethieves.
  • Review theMoving Check Liston MyADT for additional helpful hints.

It’s easy to get ADT security at your new home – and you don’t need to worry about bringing equipment with you. For your convenience, an ADT service technician can install a new system to help meet your security needs at your new address. 

Learn more about how to modify your ADT service.

We have many ways to help keep your home safe while you’re away or on the go. ADT Pulse allows you to manage your security system through an online portal, or at the touch of a smart device screen. To learn more about ADT Pulse features, visit our ADT Pulse Upgrade page.

For current customers enrolled in, you can find your end date quickly and easily. Simply log into and view your profile page. If a contract end date is not available, this may indicate you do not have a current contract with ADT.

How can we change your mind? Your security is always what’s most important to us and we never want to see any home go unprotected. For security reasons and for your protection, cancellation of your alarm services cannot be completed online.  

Learn more about how to cancel your ADT service.

Many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who have a monitored security service. To download your Certificate of Monitoring, log into and select the My Alarm tab. From the left hand menu, select System Management, then select Certificate of Monitoring.

You can see all alarm activity and find out what time your alarm went off for the previous 30 days (13 months for former Broadview and Business Reporting customers) by logging into your account and click on Alarm Activity page. If you have questions about a particular event description in your alarm history, please refer to the Activity Key available at the top of the page.

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