Rain Bird FAQ’s

ADT Control is compatible with these Rain Bird products:

  • ESP-TM2 with LNK Wi-Fi Module
  • ESP-Me with LNK Wi-Fi Module 

Note: Compatible ESP-TM2's have an all-green control plate. If the control plate has multi-colored buttons, it is not compatible.

You must first install Rain Bird, connect the system to Wi-Fi, and configure programs and zones in the Rain Bird app before adding Rain Bird to an ADT account. Please refer to the Rain Bird installation guide for details. 

Once integrated with ADT Control, you can set Rain Bird to rain delay, start or stop watering an individual zone and view the last time each zone was watered. To set and/or change watering schedules, please refer back to the Rain Bird app.

Program names are visible in the ADT Control mobile app, but the program details, including zones and durations, are ONLY available in the Rain Bird app. It is recommended to give each program a descriptive name for easy reference later.

To add the Rain Bird Controller to an ADT Control account:

  1. On a mobile device, log into the Rain Bird app.
  2. Select the Controller, then tap the Settings icon.
  3. Tap to expand Connected Home, then tap the toggle switch next to Alarm.com.
  4. Return to the home page of the Rain Bird app.

At this time, ADT doesn’t carry or install Rain Bird equipment.