Business Security - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about ADT business security, there’s a good chance someone else has too. Browse the most
frequently asked security questions below. If you can’t get an answer here, please contact Customer Support.

When my system was installed, I wrote a check to ADT, but it’s not reflected on my first bill. Is there a problem?

Occasionally, because of billing cycles, your first bill is issued before that first payment has been posted. Your payment should appear on your next bill; if not, call the ADT Account Services Center at 800-ADT-BILL (800-238-2455).

My invoice is slightly higher than I expected. What were the extra charges?

State and local municipalities sometimes charge tax on the services provided by ADT, which ADT is then obligated to collect as part of the monthly billing process.

I received an invoice, but do not see a “Payment due date.” When is my payment due?

ADT bills for monitoring services in advance, based upon your pre-selected billing schedule (monthly, quarterly, etc.). Your payment is due upon receipt of your invoice.

I want to maintain my service address, but need to change where my bill is sent.

To change your billing address, please contact the ADT Account Services Center directly at 800-ADT-BILL (800-238-2455).