No Credit Check Security System

Finding a high quality no credit check security system can be extremely difficult. Sure, there are plenty of no credit check security systems but they are often security systems that don’t prove to actually be effective. Instead, they are extremely cheap, unmonitored systems that you have to do all the work for by yourself. These are the types of systems that will warn you when someone is in your home if you are there but won’t tip off anyone outside of the home and provide no coverage when you are on vacation, at work, or simply at the grocery store.

At Blue by ADT, we believe that a security system is something everyone deserves, not a right to those that can afford to spend hundreds of dollars every month. Instead, we have developed a no credit check security system with professional monitoring for less than $1 per day. To do this, you build your own system and choose what you want. Then, you pay for the equipment and the monthly monitoring fee. When you want to stop paying for the monitoring, you own your equipment so that you can do what you want with it.

There are some situations in which we do require a credit check, but it is important to us that we don’t deny people the coverage that they need simply because they do not have high credit scores or because they have made mistakes in the past. We also understand that in today’s world, credit scores rarely tell the entire story of your finances and what you are capable of handling.


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Blue by ADT Offers A No Credit Check Security System & No Contract

On top of our no credit check security system, we also don’t make you sign a contract. Our no credit check security system came from our belief that our coverage, equipment, and customer service should keep you as our client, nothing else. We want to do the work to keep you, not rest on our laurels and provide you with substandard equipment.

No credit check and no contract for a security system will also help everyone get the safety they need – which is really what we want to provide. Of course, you are still able to build your own system and pick and choose what you want, which will also help to keep the costs low and make everything more affordable for you.

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