Immerse Yourself with a VR Viewer

Make sure your phone is in landscape mode.

Push play and tap the
vr icon.

Insert your smartphone into the VR Viewer to begin.

Then just move your head to follow the action in 360°.

If the video doesn’t start in VR mode, you can also try the following or watch the video in 360 mode below. Once your smartphone is in landscape mode, press “share”, then press “…”, then “You Tube” and then “Open App” in upper right-hand corner. Place the phone in the goggles and proceed.

Don’t Have a VR

Experience this 360-degree video
on your computer or mobile device.

Escaping a Fire
Isn’t Easy

There are countless factors that can make a difficult
situation even harder. Here are just a few:
  • Disorientation from carbon monoxide
  • Reduced visibility through smoke
  • Power outages can make it hard to see
  • Falling debris and physical obstacles can block escape routes
  • Young children may be afraid of firemen and run in the opposite direction

Do You Know
What to Do?

Download a FREE Fire Safety Checklist to review with your family.

We Need Firefighters as Much as Their Communities Do

ADT answers thousands of fire alarms every year, and our customers depend on the aid of first responders. Increased volunteer levels help ensure their safety and can even save lives. That’s why ADT supports the NVFC in their efforts to recruit and train more volunteers. It’s simply the right thing to do for our customers – and for all of the communities that rely on volunteers in emergencies.

Partners In Protection
Hero Service

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