Health & Medical Alert FAQs

ADT Health offers In-Home and On-The-Go products. This FAQ page and the Free Guide to Independent Living will help you learn more.

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In-Home Solutions:

Medical Alert Basic is an in-home base station which connects via traditional phone line. This system features high/low temperature monitoring which helps detects unsafe temperatures.

Medical Alert Plus is our in-home base station which connects via cellular connection. This system allows mobility around the users’ home up to 600 feet range and features high/low temperature monitoring.


Mobile Solution:

Our On-The-Go Emergency Response is a light, portable and mobile system designed for our most active users. It is equipped with GPS capabilities and can pinpoint a user’s location anywhere, anytime.

There are 2 main pieces that all our systems come with. The first is a base station. This communicates with our monitoring center in the event of an emergency. All base stations offer 2-way voice and have an average of 15 seconds or less for the response time. The second piece of equipment is a waterproof pendant or wristband the user would wear. In the event of an emergency, they would push the button built into our pendants and wristbands. Once they push the button it would alert our monitoring center and we would communicate over the base station by asking if they need first responders. When the user responds they can ask for help or let us know it was a false alarm. In the event we don’t hear a response over the speaker or if the user says help is required, we immediately alert first responders.

Press Button: Press the personal help button to send an emergency alert to ADT. Fall detection pendants can automatically send an alert if a fall occurs.

*Fall detection pendant does not detect 100% of falls.

We Respond: ADT senior-sensitivity-trained monitoring professionals will communicate using two-way voice to see if help is needed.

As an optional feature, both our Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go Systems offer Fall Detection for an additional fee. A lightweight and waterproof pendant, Fall Detection can alert a trained ADT Medical Alert Specialist in the event of a fall, even if the help button hasn't been pushed. If able, users should always push their help button when they need assistance.

Currently fall detection is only available in a pendant. If it were built into the wristband this would increase the potential of false alarms due to how much the average person moves their arms daily.

*Fall detection pendant does not detect 100% of falls.


Medical Alert Basic and Plus Systems include: (1) Medical Alert base unit with two-way voice intercom, high/low temperature sensor, and (1) wireless waterproof pendant or wireless waterproof wristband. 

On-The-Go Emergency Response Systems include: (1) Portable mobile device with two-way voice, (1) wireless waterproof pendant or wireless waterproof wristband, (1) cradle charger with power cord, and (1) mobile carrying case.

ADT Health is proud to offer ForeveRate™, our price-lock guarantee which ensures your price will stay the same forever. We have options for monthly, quarterly, or annual billing. If you elect to go with quarterly or annual it can offer some additional discounts on the monitoring service. We don’t have any long-term contracts though so in the event you select quarterly or annual billing but end the service before that period ends, we will send you a prorated check back with the remaining balance so you are only charged for the months used.

We do have a lifetime warranty. If you happen to drop the unit, you should follow the test procedure immediately to ensure the medical alert system is working properly. If it is not, the unit will be replaced at no charge unless it or the accessories are lost. However, if the customer damages or loses the base unit and/or help buttons we do charge for replacements.

The unit does not need regular servicing, but we recommend testing it monthly. Medical alert systems have a self-diagnostic feature that alerts the home medical monitoring center if there is a problem.

The On-the-Go Emergency Response system is mobile and will work within the digital cellular network. When the help button is pressed, a trained ADT professional will speak over the two-way voice intercom of the mobile device and will determine the user’s location using GPS technology from the mobile device and from the customer. If needed, ADT will call local emergency responders. The mobile On-The-Go Emergency Response device must be within 100 feet of the pendant and you must speak through the mobile device. We encourage you to keep the pendant and mobile device together (within 100ft). We recommend that you occasionally take the mobile device off the charger to maintain the battery life. The palm-sized rechargeable portable base unit is convenient to carry since it has a long battery life. The base unit features status lights including one that shows signal strength. The red light indicates a battery-related function. The green light indicates wireless network functionality and connection. The yellow light means the device is communicating with the GPS satellite. On-The-Go Emergency Response system works on the AT&T Wireless Network. Refer to AT&T coverage maps at their site to confirm coverage for the user's location.

The ADT Medical Alert Systems are all two-part systems. Customers get a base unit and a pendant or wristband. The base unit is the “brain” of the system. That is what communicates with our monitoring centers (communication takes place through using the AT&T cell phone towers or is hardwired with a traditional landline). The base also has two-way voice communication so we can speak with the user and the user can speak with us. The user gets the pendant or wristband that they wear on their person. This way they can push the button if they need assistance. If they have the fall detection pendant, we will automatically receive an alert if they have a fall.

The ADT On-The-Go system is a two-part system because both pieces play two individual roles. The first device is what we call the base unit which has two key features, the first is GPS tracking services which can pinpoint where you are using AT&T cell phone towers anywhere in the US. It also has built in two-way voice, so in the event of an emergency it acts as a walkie talkie which goes directly to our monitoring stations. This device is water resistant but not waterproof due to the speaker built within. That is why we also have the 100% waterproof pendant or wristband so you can really where it anywhere you go, including the shower.

In the event of an emergency, we will first contact emergency responders. After that we alert the user’s emergency contacts in the order they are provided. If they would like us to reach out to emergency contacts first before alerting the first responders, we can do that as well. It is all up to the user’s preference.

Yes, both the pendants and wristbands are adjustable.



Yes, the pendants and wristbands are both waterproof and designed to operate in the bath or shower. The pendants and wristbands are very small and lightweight. You have the option of wearing the pendant as a necklace or on your wrist with a wrist-strap.

No, the pendants and wristbands come with a built-in long-lasting battery. If the pendant or wristband has a low battery, we will ship out a new one and ask the old one be returned in the envelope and shipping label we provide so there is no additional cost.

Out of all 3 systems we offer, the only piece of equipment that would need to be charged is the base unit for the OTG system which takes 3 hours to charge and can last up to 36 hours. 

Yes, our On-The-Go system is portable so you can take the comfort and familiarity of ADT monitoring with you anywhere you go. Just notify the monitoring center of your new location if you are leaving for an extended period. If you move permanently, you can also take your Medical Alert Basic or Medical Alert Plus system with you. Remember to update your address with ADT when you move.

With the Medical Alert Basic system, if you are on the phone that is connected to the unit, the medical alert system will disconnect your call and send the emergency signal. If one of the other phones in your house is in use, then the medical monitoring system will attempt to dial the monitoring station eight (8) times. If at the end of this calling sequence the unit has still failed to communicate, it will emit a high-pitched tone, and alert the customer that the unit has failed to communicate. The Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go Emergency Response unit have their own digital cellular communications, so phone usage is not an issue. Should your power be interrupted, the base unit of the medical alert system has a maintenance-free, built-in back-up battery that will operate your system for up to 12 to 20 hours. Before your battery runs out, the base unit will send a “low battery” signal to the ADT Health monitoring center to warn that the unit will soon be nonfunctional. An ADT Monitoring Specialist will then call you to advise you of the low-battery condition and answer any questions about your system.

The Wall Mount Medical Alert Button allows you to obtain emergency help when the button is pressed. The waterproof button works with the Medical Alert Plus  and On The Go system. You can mount the Wall Button on a flat surface such as a wall or place it a on a tabletop. We do include mounting hardware.


The Wall Mount Button pairs with the Medical Alert Plus and On The Go device. The pairing process is the same as a pendant.

​Yes, the Wall Mount Button is waterproof.

The Wall Mount Button can be placed on a tabletop or mounted on a flat surface such as a wall. We recommend mounting it in a bathroom or in the shower since the device is waterproof.

No. There is not speaker in the Wall Mount Button. However, you will be able to communicate with an emergency operator via the Medical Alert Plus device.

​The Lockbox is for Property Preservation and keeps a door key easily accessible for the people who need it. It can be hung on a door knob, fence or railing.


Yes. The Lockbox is rust-free and has a lift-time product guarantee.

Yes, the Lockbox allows for up to 10,000 possible personalized combinations that you will be able to set.

Your Lockbox combination is factory preset to 0-0-0-0.

Make sure your Lockbox currently is set to 0-0-0-0.

  1. Open the Lockbox door.

  2. Remove the rubber plug to expose the reset lever.

  3. Slide the silver reset lever to the left and then down, as indicated by the direction the arrow is pointing. Leave the reset lever in this position while resetting the combination. 

  4. Keeping the Lockbox door open, select the new desired combination on the dials. Note: Hold your fingers on the reset lever to keep it from coming out of position while setting the combination.

  5. Check the operation of the Lockbox using the new combination to ensure that it functions properly.

  6. If the door opens and closes, skip to 8.

  7. If the door does not open and close, reset the combination to 0-0-0-0, and then return to 1.

  8. Slide the reset lever back to original position and replace the rubber plug.