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1. How can I get my system serviced after a major storm?

For customers needing service calls or awaiting installation, we ask for patience as we may face higher than normal work volume resulting from storm damage and/or office closings. As always, your security is paramount, and we will work as quickly as possible to assist all customers. 

Power Outage Issues 
If your area has been affected by a power outage as a result of a storm, you may be dealing with one of the following common issues: 

1. If the system is beeping, it may be because the backup battery has begun powering the system. Simply enter your keypad code and hit “disarm” to clear the alert. After power is restored, if beeping still occurs after 24 hours, please call 800.ADT.ASAP (800.238.2727). 

2. If the panel shows “Comm Trbl” or a similar alert, enter your keypad code and hit “disarm” to clear the alert. 

3. Low Battery. Once your power has been restored, the backup battery should recharge in about 24 hours. If the low battery condition persists, be sure to check the keypad display for any indications of system trouble. You can also look for the following common causes of low battery conditions: 
- Unplugged control panel 
- Tripped circuit breaker 
- Outlet powering the alarm system is in need of repair. 

If the keypad TROUBLE indicator remains on for 24 hours after power has been restored, the battery may need to be replaced. 

ADT has tailored several battery replacement options to assist our customers who have been impacted by this storm. If you are in need of a replacement battery, or if you are having a system issue not addressed here, please call 800.ADT.ASAP (800.238.2727).

If you would rather replace the battery yourself, you can find information on the type of battery to purchase and instructions on how to install it here. The page also offers a link to a variety of battery installation how-to videos.  

System Damage 
If the system appears to have been damaged beyond repair, please take the following steps: 

1. Contact ADT at 800.ADT.ASAP to have your service put on hold. We will then be able to credit your account for the period of time that the system has been out of operation. 

2. Contact your insurance company. The system itself should be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Your insurer will advise you as to how to proceed in having a new system installed. 

Other Concerns 
Should you have questions about your ADT service that are not addressed here, please call the residential or business service number located on our Contact ADT page to speak with an ADT representative.

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